How to Start your Job Hunt

There’s everyday stress… and then there’s being a 4th year being faced with adult life and finding a job stress. The indescribable, “what am I supposed to be doing with my life”, overwhelming kind of stress.

Reading Week Beauty Prep

We are a mere 2 short weeks away from Reading Week 2017… Can I get a HELL YEAH!? This article is for the all the lucky students that get the opportunity to travel over reading week to somewhere warm (check out my Winter Skincare Tips article for how to survive if you’re staying home).

Good News Roundup

In a world where bad news seems way too frequent and good news doesn’t seem to come as often as we need it, it is important to highlight the good news that is happening in Canada and around the world.

The Best Brunch Spots in Kingston

Ok now I don’t know about you, but I LOVE a good brunch. Like, LOVE. As in love so much last semester I probably went at least twice a week (which I am toning down this semester because brunch is $$ and I don’t have a lot of that right now), and let me tell you, I think I’ve been everywhere possible in Kingston.

New Year, New Tunes

2018 has only just begun but a range of artists have already begun to release singles and promos for new albums to come out in the months ahead.

The Power of Social Media

With nearly instant news updates, photo sharing, and the ability to share what’s on your mind with the click of a button, social media has presented itself as a tool utilized to shape a communicative framework that alters our perception of the real and the ideal.