5 Apps for Getting Organized

With November and its assignments coming to an end and exams rearing their heads, it’s time to buckle down. If you’re looking to organize anything from errands to academics this semester, have no fear. The following arsenal of apps will help bring order to your life.

An Interview with The Loft Girls

Niki Hodgskiss and Claire Bouvier both knew that they would never have traditional careers; entrepreneurship always called them. Their business, the Loft Girls is a second hand clothing shop located in a pale pink truck that is bringing a new style to thrifting.

PLAYLIST: Songs You Didn’t Know You Knew

Buried in the depths all of our minds is a vault of riffs, tunes and melodies that we know from somewhere, some place. Often, we don’t know the names of these songs, but they seem to be everywhere in television, video games, movies, even in the music of other artists. These are just a few of the songs whose names are occasionally forgotten, but whose melodies have been made instantly recognizable, timeless hits.

MUSE: Tattoo Artist Jacqueline May

After a bachelor’s in Fine Arts in Auckland, a year of graphic design in New York, and a couple years of what May calls “janky stick and pokes” in her Melbourne apartment, the idea of an giving tattooing a real go finally stuck.

Self Help’s Bad Reputation

Reading self help doesn’t have to be about changing your life. It can be about hearing another viewpoint on a topic and gaining a little more knowledge. It can also be about being moved by the experiences of others and valuing their opinions.

50 Shades of No Representation

It only takes a few minutes of scrolling through YouTube or walking through cosmetic aisles to realize the makeup industry is tailored towards a certain group of people. Read on for an examination of discrimination in the makeup industry.

The Problem with Male Entitlement in the 21st Century

As a new law in France recently passed allowing fines to be distributed for cat-calling women and demonstrating lewd behaviour, as well as the success of the trending #MeToo as a response to the Harvey Weinstein allegations, my experience with discussions surrounding sexual harassment and male entitlement have surfaced more than ever before in my 20 years of life.