Music Monday: 5 Must-Hear New Releases

As schedules begin to fill up and workloads start to get heavier, we slowly become disconnected from the outside world and start living in the

Bruno Mars’s 24K Magic: The Retro-Soul Throwback Album We’ve All Been Waiting For

R&B time-traveler, nostalgia-curator Bruno Mars is back– and he’s back big. You’ve all heard 24K Magic on the radio, but what else is Bruno throwing


The Grinder and the One Season Show Syndrome

What comes to mind when you think of a show that’s been canceled after one season? In most cases, I assume that the show is terrible, unwatchable, and not worth my time. Besides, aren’t we all looking for a multi-season show to satisfy our binge


The Bored Game

The Bored Game: opening up about the open relationship When I came to Queen’s, I thought I was going to have the party-all-night-sleep-all-day kind of life.

Being Creative in Kingston

We all know that summer is long gone, but that doesn’t mean spontaneous and fun moments have to go with it. In between writing papers