The Top 10 Albums of 2017

This year in music was characterized by artists searching to make sense of what many would agree to be a strange year. On this trend, the best music sprang from the turmoil and resulted in things we would never expect – Harry Styles releasing a classic rock album, Jay-Z dropping a surprise album with politically charged undertones, rap group Brockhampton coming up from absolutely nowhere. 

Stylish but Comfy

As the weather gets colder it’s not hard to fall into the pattern of wearing the same old hoodie and track pant combo everyday.  I mean it’s comfortable, it’ll keep you warm on those -10 days, and you don’t have to think about it too much… but who said that comfort can’t also be stylish?

Study Tips that ACTUALLY Work

Don’t be fooled, I’m struggling, too, but when it comes to studying, I go all out. I’ve tried all sorts of methods and have some tips that actually work. Beware, you probably won’t like them but trust me, you’ll feel better during (the fast approaching) exam season if you follow these.

5 Apps for Getting Organized

With November and its assignments coming to an end and exams rearing their heads, it’s time to buckle down. If you’re looking to organize anything from errands to academics this semester, have no fear. The following arsenal of apps will help bring order to your life.