Your arms wrap around me,
Squeezing me tighter and tighter
Until all I’m aware of are my ribs
Piercing through my skin.
You squeeze life out of me,
Until all that is left
Is a hollow shell.

Sunken eyes hide in dark caves
And peer out only to see a sallow face
Looking back at them.
They rest on top of black thunderclouds
Which will never dissipate.

Your head rests on my shoulder
As you whisper sweet nothings into my ear.
Empty is good.
Ignore the pain.
You’ll feel better soon.

Your smooth voice melts into my brain
Like the warm butter
You’ve convinced me is poison.

I know you’re abusive.
I know you’re overpowering.
I know you’ve consumed all that I am.
You’ve turned me against friends and family,
But I don’t care.
You’re the only one that matters to me.
You’re the only one I love.

I ask you,
Why am I so cold?
Why am I so tired?
Why do I constantly ache?

You tell me it’s natural.
You tell me I’m over exaggerating.
You tell me it’s all in my head.

You stay with me for years
And I convince myself
That our relationship is thriving.
I’ve never been happier.
I’ve never been happier.
Then why do I feel so sad?

Even though you’ve left
I still feel your arms around me.
Still hear your smooth voice
Whispering in my ear.
You’ll take me back.
You miss me.
You’re nothing without me.

I miss you.
I will always miss you.
But I know that I’m better off without you.

Yours Creatively,

Sarah Flanigan, Online Contributor

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