Winter Whites


Five Simple Ways to Incorporate White into Your Winter Wardrobe:

Most know by now that wearing white is acceptable post Labour Day, although most don’t know how to wear the shade appropriately in the winter. Colour is key. When wearing heavy whites (coats, sweaters, etc.), shades should lean towards the cooler, grey white or the warmer, cream beige side. Avoid whites that make you feel like you are looking at a hospital room wall. The opposite is true for lightweight whites (T-shirts, sneakers, etc.). Find items that are as close to that hospital room wall as possible to avoid your clothing appearing dirty, or unwashed.

There are many different approaches one can take to include white into your winter wardrobe effortlessly; five key must-have winter whites come to mind when thinking about how to do so:

1. The white T-shirt. This winter white essential is cheap, easy, and effortless. It is the perfect way to add white to your winter wardrobe without “wearing white in winter”. Wear it with a pair of dark wash denim, boots, and a cardigan, and you’re set. The white T is the easiest, and cheapest, way to incorporate white into your winter wardrobe.

2. The cream cable knit sweater. The sweater is the epitome of comfort and class during the winter season. Whether it is a cardigan, crew neck, or V-neck, the creamy white colour around the face really warms up a person. Pair it again with a great pair of dark wash jeans, you favourite boots, and your winter coat. A warm, cozy, cream sweater is the perfect addition to your knits collection for both men and women. This sweater is a staple in any winter white wardrobe; it is a classic and can be easily dressed up or down.

3. The white trainer. Over the last year, athletic gear has been an overwhelmingly huge trend. Top designers, from Alexander Wang to Dior, are showing looks paired with athletic trainers. When discussing winter white, two trainers come to mind: the classic high/low top converse, and the Stan Smiths. You might be thinking: sneakers in the winter? Yes! A little exposed ankle in the winter never hurt anyone, and for the petite ladies and gentlemen, it actually elongates your leg. The colour white is also very appealing to the line of your leg. These sneakers, although casual, can be worn with a variety of different items. Sneakers are a cool, low-key way to introduce white into your winter wardrobe.

4. The white button down. Dressing up the winter white, we move on to the classic white button down. Forever timeless and always appropriate, it is a staple in anyone’s start up winter white wardrobe. The white button down has been re-invented. No longer is it the shirt to be worn by a man, under a suit and with a tie. Different cuts and styles allow the classic button down to be worn casually by both men and women. Make the button down fun, by dressing it down with your new white trainers and a pair of jeans for a night out with friends. The button down is ever evolving and will always be in style, which is why it is a must when incorporating white in the winter.

5. Finally, the most feared winter white of them all: white denim. Now ladies and gents- there is no need to be afraid of a pair of white, or off white, denim. FIT is key. Ladies, pair your jeans with a great crew neck sweater, statement necklace, and your white trainers, and you are set for a night out with the girls. Gents, pair with a navy or grey crew neck sweater and your white trainers, and you’re set for a night out with the boys.








Although white may seem unattainable and impossible to add to your winter wardrobe, it is in fact much easier than you think. Winter whites are the perfect way to lighten up your look during the dreaded winter months before spring has sprung.

Yours Creatively,

Cooper Voskuil, Online Contributor

Photography: Cooper Voskuil, Katie Douglas and Emily Van Den Akker

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