So you’ve just changed the clocks back one hour, and after a wild, sleep-deprived “halloweekend,” you’re feeling damn thankful for that treasured extra hour of sleep.

But now it’s time to face the harsh reality: WINTER IS COMING.

Yep, we all know that feeling. That feeling of wanting to cry when you exit your lecture at 5:20pm and emerge into a world of pitch black darkness. That feeling of exasperation when you realize that you will have to spend an extra $2 on coat check every night out. And worst of all, that feeling of dread when you come to terms with the fact that you will probably never be warm again (until June, that is).

Yes, Kingston is a lovely town during the seasons when the air is mild and the sun doth shine. However, as the vibrant leaves on the trees disappear, so does the charm of K-town.


But winter doesn’t necessarily have to be so cheerless and uninviting! When the weather outside is frightful, here are some ways to make winter in Kingston more delightful:

1) Immerse yourself in a new TV show – Inevitably, there are going to be those nights when it’s -20 degrees outside, when the Ale Haus feels like it’s a plane ride away, and when leaving your bed is just not a feasible option. If you ask me, this seems like the perfect opportunity to grab your snuggie and escape to the wonderful world of TV. If you don’t have a TV, the Internet and Netflix are trusty alternatives. Despite the frigid temperatures, I personally await the month of January, when the new season of The Bachelor is scheduled to launch. Any Juan Pablo fans out there can probably relate.

2) Go ice-skating – While I know option #1 is quite tempting, there are other ways to beat the Kingstonian winter blahs. When was the last time you and your crew went skating together? Probably never. Well, ‘tis the season to go skating in one of the several skating rinks Kingston has to offer. Experience not required (exchange students, I’m talking to you)!

3) Throw a holiday-themed potluck – With the lingering presence of essays, and the threat of exams around the corner, cooking dinner for yourself probably seems like nothing but a waste of precious study time. Hosting a holiday-themed potluck not only encourages students to prepare some form of food, but it brings friends together during a time when the only person you’ve been chilling with is Joseph S. Stauffer, and let’s face it, he ain’t much fun. Plus, there is the added bonus of having an excuse to wear an ugly Christmas sweater and eat an abnormal amount of candy canes. No matter how miserable and cold it is outside, there’s no denying that everyone loves the holidays!

These activities may not inspire you to welcome the Kingston winter with open arms, but hopefully they will at least encourage you to peacefully cope with the impending weather.

So the next time you hear the menacing phrase “Winter is Coming,” do not fret about the fate of the 7 Kingdoms of Westeros, and do not weep over the below-zero weather of Kingston; instead, look forward to all the fun winter activities that are on your snowy horizon!

Yours Creatively,

Bethany Opler, Online Contributor 

Images: We Heart It

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