It all started on an ordinary Thursday night when I was forced to go to The Underground. I was so comfortable in my warm pyjamas that I didn’t want to change, ever. But what I realized next changed the way I would go out forever… I could go clubbing in my pyjamas.

Perhaps you need a little bit of context about what a “normal” night out for me is. Well to start off, they are never normal. Something ridiculous always happens and it always ends with unhealthy amounts of garlic mayo from Mr. Donair. I’m really lucky to have a group of friends that are just as weird and carefree as me, so they’re usually down for any absurd activities (thanks friends.)

So let’s take it back to that fateful Throwback at The Underground. At first, I was kind of nervous about going out in a Hello Kitty pink fuzzy button-down shirt. I thought people might judge me. In actuality, quite the opposite happened and I don’t think I have ever had more fun.

7 My friends and I at The Underground ft. the Hello Kitty shirt

When you go out in your pyjamas, people just want to have fun and dance with you. I don’t think I’ve ever talked with so many strangers (that might be sad… oh well.) Dressing up on a non-dress up night or wearing your pyjamas out says something about you: you’re there to have fun and you don’t care about what people think. Not only did I feel more comfortable being my weird ol’ self, dancing horrendously and running around Throwback like the absolute freak that I am, but it made other people strangely more comfortable to approach my friends and I, dancing with us and just having fun.

3 My new friends; he even kissed my finger and I think he’s in love with me.

Often when I realize new things that I enjoy, I try to understand why I like them. Well I think I’ve figured out why I enjoy going out in my pyjamas, dressing up as a full-on farmer for Tumble, and going clubbing at Fluid in a nightgown. In a time and place where I feel so pressured to look, act, and feel a certain way- I just don’t. By going out in my pyjamas, I’m rebelling against all of the social norms I am supposed to follow, without intentionally doing so.

2 At Tumble, dressed as a farmer in overalls

Queen’s students- and everyone else for that matter, including myself- once we stop caring so much about everything, we will feel so much lighter and fulfilled (and not just temporarily.) Of course I still feel weird sometimes when I’m literally the only person in a club dressed in a nightgown, but it actually allows me to express myself and my personality in a way that I never knew I wanted to or could. Your way of expressing yourself may not be the same as mine, but I highly encourage everybody to be a little bit more true to themselves; defy social norms and just do whatever the hell you want. It’s taken me a really long time to understand that people will celebrate your quirks if you do. So don’t hesitate to take that first uncomfortable step into a life that can be filled with comfort and hilarious memories. Create your own social norms.

Yours Creatively,

Erez Zobary, Online Reviewer

Images: Sophie Barkham for The Underground, author’s own

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