Alright, in case you missed it we’ve officially entered the season of love! And even though Valentine’s Day can bring up a LOT of different emotions, we might as well use it as an excuse to hang onto some of the good ones. For this year’s Sex, Sexual Health and Relationships theme week, let your friends at MUSE nudge you towards those good feelings – with recommendations of some of our favourite sex toys, audio, wearables and accessories! We love our readers, so this is our little gift to you <3. 


While many of you might be going out, we’re focussed on the ‘staying in’ – starting with the basics. It doesn’t matter if your V-Day celebrations include your friends, lovers, or yourself, we want you feeling your best – and we think adding a little **something** to your look can help. Never underestimate the confidence boost that can come from finding lingerie or intimate wear that fits you and your style. One of our favourite sites to shop is Blush Lingerie, where you’ll find ethically made, women-designed lingerie that is comfortable enough to be worn everyday but being honest, is so simplistically gorgeous you’ll want to show it off. These pieces range from xs to xxl and are also pretty wallet-friendly, with a whole section under $25 on their website. But if you’re looking for something else, Cantiq out of LA has a whole genderfluid line and Boy Smell’s ‘Unmentionables’ features more subtle colours and materials with neutral sizing options – we want you to feel your best, starting with what’s closest to your skin.


Now that we’ve got you covered, I think it’s about time we get into the nitty-gritty. If you’re having sex, it’s best if its worry-free: that could mean having safe sex, or using sex products with safe ingredients. One of MUSE’s favourites is Sliquid water-based lube – this lube is made without sugars (you’d be surprised how many lubes have sugar-based ingredients in them!) so it is safe for sensitive regions and individuals who are prone to UTIs. On that note, here’s a recommendation for something that is totally free: please just pee after sex, the cuddles can wait. Also, if you’re worried about bringing lube into the bedroom, don’t be! Not everyone is totally *ready* and might need a little help, that doesn’t always indicate how healthy or turned on you are. Spit as lube isn’t ideal either, it runs out and can be full of all sorts of stuff you don’t want all up in there – which is why Sliquid carries non-toxic, organic and vegan options for those of you who are conscious about that stuff. 


And on the safe-sex side of things, condoms can change the game – a MUSE pick is ribbed condoms! They add a little extra to your experience, especially as a receiver, and can be used with someone else or with a toy, or with a toy with someone else! You can buy them at the drugstore for a very reasonable price, and while you’re there you can explore other options like ultra-thin condoms for those who want to ‘feel more’ (side note: if someone is pressuring you to go without a condom even if that’s what makes you most comfortable, they suck, and please refer to our later section on sex toys because they’re probably better than what sex with that person was going to be like anyways). 


Now if you’re leaning towards a solo-night in, we’ve got lots of suggestions for you. To start, we’ve got something to keep you company: ethically sourced erotic stories, audio, and video pornography from Bellesa and Dipsea. If you’re looking to feel empowered, aroused, and excited, start with Bellesa and look through the content for something that piques your interest, guilt-free! If video can be overwhelming for you, try audio from Dipsea so you can immerse yourself in the story and easily imagine yourself in the scenarios they make without comparing yourself to what the actors look like. Dipsea includes a variety of combinations (guided solo, gay/lesbian/bi, straight, relationship, kinks, etc.) so you can find what’s right for you. Also, both Bellessa and Dipsea have free options and subscription options, so you can treat yourself without breaking the bank:) 


I like to think I’ve saved the best for last, and that means its time to talk sex toys. Taking the leap and buying your first sex toy can sometimes be nerve-wracking, but it’s so worth it! If you aren’t sure where to start, we’ve got a few ideas for you. If you’re looking for something that isn’t intimidating, you’ll want to check out the Smile Makers from Urban Outfitters. Great for a first-time toy, this vibrator isn’t too big or too small – and if you’re still nervous, it’s even got a little smile that makes it more approachable:) It doesn’t go very far inside, but it’s still a winner with MUSE. It’s quiet but not silent, so put the fan on while you explore each setting from slow to super intense. 


If you want to feel like a star and got a few extra dollars to spend (it’s over $80 but it’s for self-care, so, worth it!) then you might want to try Eve’s rechargeable dual pulsating massager to use alone or with another. It’s got 6 different settings to choose from but you might want to layer up with some thick blankets because this vibrator is a little on the loud side. For the Amazon frequenter, we recommend adding the soft rabbit wand massager to your cart. This one’s a little cheaper, has 8 settings, and stays charged for a long time. Use it alone to feel relaxed or use it with others to enhance the experience. 


So maybe you’ve tried the usual vibrators and are still looking for something hotter or just different. We think it’s time you look at sonic wave, air pulsating and suction massagers. Starting with a fan favourite, the Satisfyer Pro 2. The Satisfyer lives up to its name, and is relatively quiet (love!). Offering a quick and Reliable (yes, with a capital R) orgasm, you’ll want to come back for seconds, and then convince everyone in your life with a clitoris to get one. Con: the marketing and packaging is pretty gendered, but pro: it’s waterproof.


You might have heard the fanfare over this one: the Womanizer. The Womanizer brings feelings of empowerment and to put it politely, may be better than the real thing – to put in more bluntly in the words of one of our reviewers: “actually works, unlike a man”.  This one’s a little noisy too, but at least you’ll be loud and proud.


Last off, one of my favourite recommendations to use on yourself and with others: the Lelo Sona. The Lelo Sona is rechargeable, waterproof, and not very loud. It’s dynamic, easy to clean and store, and you can find it in the Nox Shop in Montreal, so why not make a trip out of it! According to a MUSE review: it makes you feel like you’re “like I’m getting head on Jupiter, it’s genuinely unparalleled” … I mean, need we say more?


I want to end off with shouting out some of the places MUSE heard about these tips and products: @thongria on instagram who advocates pleasure for every body, small business @noxshop in Montreal and online (we love their online discount codes and discreet packaging) whose owner @amynox is a super badass mom, and of course, our personal friends who understand that sharing is caring, especially when it comes to vibrator recommendations.


Of course, on the ‘sharing’ note, if you have a favourite site, tip, or product that we didn’t talk about here, let this be the sign to go tell a friend about it – don’t be shy! Give them the gift of pleasure this season of love.


With love,


Me & MUSE Magazine


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