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Before giving you a run down of the easiest last minute costumes early next week, MUSE has compiled a list of what to expect this Halloween.

We are just a short 2 weeks away from Halloween 2017 and everyone is scrambling to find the PERFECT trendy Halloween costume. We all want to have the best outfits, but how can we do this without looking like everybody else who probably has similar ideas? Well, you can’t reeaaallly if you want to be recognizable and envied but you CAN put your own personal touch on the popular outfits if you want to stand out.

For those of you looking for this year’s hottest Halloween characters, you’ve come to the right place. But remember, you can do costumes DIY without having to spend that $70 at Spirit Halloween. Look through your wardrobe, take a trip home (it’ll probably be cheaper then buying a new costume) to find old treasures, and head to Dollarama for the little pieces that will finish your outfit. With this, here is a short guide for the most desirable costumes of Halloween 2017.


Of course, we have to include Pennywise as the #1 most popular costume. This costume can be unisex (a good way for girls to get creative here with makeup and clothing) and is very relevant and popular.


Anyone from Riverdale

Riverdale is one of North America’s most talked about drama’s on television right now. There is a character for everyone to be- whether it’s Cheryl Blossom, Josie or one of her Pussycats, Betty, Veronica, Archie, Reggie… These are all easy DIY costumes that would only require the odd accessory or hair spray colour to complete.


Wonder Woman

One of the box office’s biggest hits this year with $100 million in it’s first weekend, Wonder Woman has been a hot topic for iconic female empowerment in 2017. This is the first huge female lead we have seen from Marvel in theatres, which is bound to make a huge hit this Halloween as a costume. From her crown, to her bustier, to the boots, Wonder Woman’s costume is definitely hot hot hot this Halloween.


Moana/Maui and Belle/Gaston from Disney

Moana and Beauty and the Beast were Disney’s two largest hits this year generating massive sales in merch, box office, toys, and so much more! If you are looking for a cute, relevant Disney character these two movies are definitely the best place to get inspo!


Eleven from Stranger Things

As if Stranger Things wasn’t one of your favourite TV Shows this year from Netflix. And what better way to show it then dress up as Eleven in support of the new season out in November!


Rick and Morty

2017 saw the rise of Rick and Morty. We have socks, t-shirts, jackets, you name it in support of fan’s love for this iconic TV show. Whether it’s Rick or Morty, you’re bound to be a hit this Halloween dressed up as either.



And last but not least….        


Now this is a repeat offender every year, but since the release of the new hot movie with Zac Efron and Kelly Rohrbach it is actually super relevant this year and now just an excuse to dress in a bathing suit and show off the bod you worked for all summer. All either costume requires is a simple red bathing suit (one piece for girls, trunks for boys), a whistle around your neck, and a fake/inflatable life saving buoy and you’re set!



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