If there’s one thing that can be said about the beginning of winter, it’s that most people’s moods plummet along with the temperature (and if they don’t, they’re probably keeping their spirits lifted with cozy scarves and spiced lattes). For those of us who can’t afford said lattes, I recommend the musical styling of MØ. Born Karen Marie Ørsted, MØ is the 26-year-old Danish singer-songwriter who has the cure to your winter blues.


Her debut album “No Mythologies to Follow” was released in March of 2014, gaining her much acclaim for the album’s success. MØ’s music identifies mainly as electronic pop with some R&B and hip-hop, and combines her sultry voice with mellow beats. The result is a collection of catchy, up-beat tunes with static vocals and lyrics that transcend the traditional pop genre.

MØ is a definitely a force, with songs like “Pilgrim” and “Maiden” (MØ translates to “maiden” from Danish) that contain lyrics in which she sings of being a warrior, conquering the hearts of boys.

MØ has been compared to artists such as Grimes and Janet Jackson, has collaborated with producer Diplo for her single “XXX 88”, and was featured on Iggy Azalea’s track “Beg For It” off her album “Reclassified”.

Alongside her laid-back sound, MØ’s personal style is one that many people aim to emulate: cool girl chic, which just a touch of glam. You can usually find her rocking a casual tee with a gold chain, minimal makeup, and her signature high ponytail.


Currently touring North America and European cities, MØ is gaining attention for her cool, electronic sounds. With one album out and an excess of talent, it’s obvious that she’s not going anywhere anytime soon. What the future holds for MØ may not be certain, but I for one cannot wait to blast her album in warmer weather, where her jams belong.

You can check out MØ through her Facebook, her Soundcloud and Youtube.

Yours Creatively,

Celina Fazio, Online Contributor

Photography: MØ’s Facebook Page and MØ for VICE

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