Where will you take your MUSE?

Bonjour! Ciao! Hello! A new day brings a new language- that’s life on exchange for you.

After three weeks of settling into the beautiful Bordeaux, France, I made my first of many trips around Europe. My first stop was Brussels, Belgium where I became friends with a café owner, spent a whole day getting real cozy with the rain due to my lack of umbrella ownership, and of course, fell deeper in love with chocolate.

Bruges was next on my list, and I think the best way to start its description would be with the words “once upon a time.” This was because walking the streets of Bruges felt like I was transported into a storybook fairytale. After waking up at 3:00 AM the next night, I was ready to catch my flight to Rome. There are three things I remember Rome by: the beautiful streets, a delicious walnut prosciutto pizza, and street vendors shoving selfie sticks into my face. It’s true that when you travel you will always head right into the big sights- and take a million pictures to prove that they were well conquered. For me, the hidden streets that showcase the secret charm of the city are my favourite part. These are the moments where I really feel as though I am travelling amidst a foreign land. I even caught myself wondering a couple of times what my life would be like if I lived in this city, instead of my own.

So what has been one of the only consistent parts of my travels? Bringing a copy of MUSE Magazine with me wherever I go, of course. MUSE has accompanied me on my many wanderings, duck-ins into cute cafés, and, as you can see, even a photo or two. I plan to bring MUSE with me on my other trips as well, and photograph it in many of the different places I explore! I wonder where I will travel next…

As I drift back to reality, which oftentimes happens in the check-in counter of the airport, I anticipate heading home. Except this time, home is Bordeaux, France- at least for the next four months.


We’ll be handing out more copies of MUSE Magazine at the Surprise Spring Break Pop Up!  this Wednesday, Feb 4th so come grab a copy, snap a pic and share your adventures on Instagram @musexqueens!

Yours Creatively,

Lulu Tong, Business Director

Photography: Lulu Tong

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