The Ultimate Summer Sneaker Guide

The Ultimate Summer Sneaker Guide


It’s finally July, summer is really in full swing. That means it’s time to shelve the Chelsea’s and the Chukkas and pull out the sneakers and slip-ons. The warm weather means that your low-tops now become your go to as your strolling down the streets with shorts on. The one shoe that every guy needs to have to really embrace the summer look is, of course, a white sneaker. As long as you treat it nicely and make sure you’ve got some protective spray on there so keep it from fading, then in almost all weathers and for most occasions, a white sneaker will be your go to. It can work with pants or shorts, can be dressed down for a casual Friday at the office or worn on the sand for a beach day. If you haven’t gotten the point yet, white sneakers are key.

However, which ones to buy? I had this dilemma for a while until I finally impulse bought a pair because they were on sale, but choosing the right look, that will go with everything can be a challenge, so here is a little guide to what you should pick out this year.

THE CLASSICS: Adidas Stan Smith’s and Converse Chuck Taylor (Low-Top)

These are the two staples of white sneakers. If you look around room odds are you will see at least one pair of these shoes (or, if it’s a Queen’s house party, a million). These are great entry points if you’re unsure of what to buy and want to get something that you know will look good. I would lean towards the Converse as they are cheaper and have a bit more to them, but Stan Smith’s are a classic so you can’t go wrong with either.

The Streetwear: Adidas Ultraboost and Nike VaporMax

Ultraboosts have become a staple for every fan of the streetwear trend. They look great with joggers, track pants, and jeans, as well as shorts, and actually very comfortable. The VaporMax is a little more technical and has a heavier design, but Nike’s equivalent to the Ultraboost is a great look.

The Retro: Nike Air Force One and Adidas BW Avenue


Both these shoes are strongly influenced by the 1970s and 80s, but in very different ways. The Air Force One went to production in 1982 and as the basketball shoe to use air bubbles in the heel for support, the look has remained timeless. Its chunkier feel may not work for all, but those who can rock it look great. If you’re a fan of something a little lighter, the Adidas BW Avenue is a brand-new model that takes inspiration from a 70s sneaker that was designed for the German Army. It’s a great shoe for someone who wants something a little quieter, but not plain.

The Minimalist: Feit Hand-Sewn Low and Lacoste Carnaby Leather Sneakers

For those who want a simpler sneaker, but not want to settle for lower quality, the Feit is an incredible option. By far the priciest shoe on this list, the Hand-Sewn low is a perfectly executed simplistic shoe, exactly what a premier minimalist sneaker should look like. The Lacoste Carnaby has a much more approachable price, and although not as beautifully crafted, is a great option.


A summer wardrobe isn’t complete without a pair of white sneakers, so pick something that feels good to you, throw on some shorts, and head to a patio to enjoy the always too brief intermission from winter.



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