From big floppy hats to Ellen’s group selfie at the Oscars, 2014 was filled with many noteworthy, and cringe-worthy moments. Here is the year in review according to MUSE:

1. The word “Bae”. “Bae” could probably be coined as the most annoying word of 2014. The acronym ‘before anyone else’ has taken over the Internet and I’m sure many of us can mutually hope that it will fade away in 2015.

2. The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. These videos dominated everyone’s Instagram and Facebook feeds throughout 2014, all for a good cause. This ‘challenge’ managed to raise around $16 million for those suffering from Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, and who could forget Charlie Sheen showering himself with cash, donating $10,000 to the foundation (who knew he had it in him?).

3. Flights and Bites. The masterminds behind Muse put together an awesome night filled with good appies, good friends, and even better beer at the Brooklyn in Kingston. Missed out on the craft beer tasting? Don’t worry there will be more awesome events to come in 2015!

4. Man Buns vs. Half Buns. The major trend that has every man growing out their hair so that they could wear it in a sexy bun, like drool-worthy, Instagram famous, Brock O’Hurn. Possibly because of the sought-after man-bun began, the well-known ‘half-bun’ soon evolved. Is the half-bun, or the man bun better… or maybe even neither? You be the judge.


5. The Passing of an Icon. In October, the world lost one of its creative and beautiful minds. The Passing of Oscar de la Renta marked a time for remembering the talented designer’s impact on the fashion industry.

6. The 2nd annual Rib Fest and Craft Beer Show. A local hit that took place in Kingston during September was even better the second time around. Admission is free but donations are welcomed and go towards the Partners in Food Mission. What better way to spend a hot summer day washing down messy ribs with over 50 brands of beer?

7. Kimye. Kanye West’s elaborate proposal to Kim Kardashian, and the wedding in May that supposedly cost $12 million…Kim K’s dress alone cost over half a million (WHAT!?). Perhaps even better than their wedding was Kanye’s Bound 2 video, and the parody that James Franco and Seth Rogen made of it. And of course you can’t forget their beautiful baby girl North West, what’s not to love? She’s ADORABLE.

8. Infinity scarves vs. blanket scarves. This year the plaid blanket scarf stole the spotlight from the popular infinity scarf, an accessory perfect for Kingston’s chilly winters. A genius combination of an accessory staple, and a blanket, need I say more?


9. Bey and J. According to Forbes, Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s “On the Run” Tour is going to be the second most successful tour next to U2’s 360 tour. As Jay-Z said, “‘I came, I saw I conquered, from record sales to sold out concerts” and that they did. The King of rap and Queen of pop are killing it, as per usual.

10. MUSE Issue IX. Last, but certainly not least, MUSE published the 9th issue of our magazine for all of you MUSErs! Didn’t get a copy? Don’t worry we aren’t holding it against you, but you better check out the online version here. 



Yours Creatively,

Rylee Elfert, Online Contributor

Photography: Brock O’Hearn’s instagram, Elle, MUSE and Zara.

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