Love dogs? So do we. It’s time to celebrate with your four-legged friend! On International Dog day we ask that everybody take time with their dogs today. Celebrate their ability to make people laugh, comforting us when we are down, listening to our problems, and simply being our best companion. Give your dog a treat, take them out for an extra long walk, play with them, arrange doggy dates and provide them with unconditional love, loyalty and kindness.

Our fluffy friends come in all shapes and sizes. To celebrate the unique presence of dogs, I walked down Queen St., West in downtown Toronto and interviewed various people about their dogs and along the way, I gained some new friendships with some fluffy friends myself. Please see below some of the dogs that I had the pleasure to meet recently.


Larry Dinglebarry, Brussels Griffon, 4 years

Timber, Husky, 8 years

Stella, Pug, 4 years

Daphne, Yorkshire Terrier, 6 years



Louie, Miniature Poodle, 11 years

Louie’s favourite activity in the entire world is playing. He loves it when you throw the ball for him, and especially when you chase after him for his ball. However, don’t let his sweet face fool you; Louie is extremely competitive and will do anything to win… he hates when his friends beat him at his favourite game! When he’s not playing, he’s usually watching for squirrels or cats that walk by so that he can alert everyone in the house of their trespassing.


Marco, Unknown Breed, 6 years

Oscar, Doberman, 4 years

Sabrina, Cockapoo, 4 years

Charlie, Australian Terrier, 5 years




Zoey, Labrador Retriever, 8 years

Let’s get up close and personal with Zoey! Originally from Australia, Zoey enjoys travelling all over the world – she’s even lived in both Singapore and Hong Kong. When she’s not enjoying time by the water, Zoey can be found playing with her friend, Tima (Beagle), and going for long walks with her pal, Conor.


James, English Springer-Cocker Spaniel, 7 years

Ross, Boston Terrier, 2 years

Mango, Golden-Doodle, 3 years






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