Due to the continuing global pandemic, this past term was not the same. Many people rushed home as classes transitioned online and the campus emptied, contrasting the liveliness at Queen’s that we, as students, understand as ‘normal.’ While we gradually transition back to our regular activities, we have to get used to the fact that things will be different – at least for a while. That being said with the semester cut short, many people, including myself, are nostalgic about the times where things were less frightening and more normal. To help those who are missing Kingston life pre-COVID-19, Frannie and I (Steph) curated a playlist to bring us back to our favourite school year places, nights and traditions. You can check out the master playlist on the MUSE Spotify (musexqueens) or listen through this post, but we’ve broken it down for you a little bit further below.

Happy listening!


PIER SZN (Frannie)

We’ve seen the pier, we’ve jumped off the pier, we love the pier, but sadly, some of us might not be able to experience it this year. Nothing beats a care free day laying in the sun, playing some spikeball, having a drink, and swimming with your friends. We’ve compiled a list of fun summer songs that will remind you of the pier. Grab a water bottle and a speaker because these songs are perfect for a cottage weekend, pool day, or when you just want something fun and upbeat to dance to! 

MOD (Steph)

After a long day of class, I can’t think of a better way to start off the week than a  MOD rip at Trinity. Afterall, who doesn’t love starting Wednesday with a hangover? 

Trinity is known for its dollar beers, but also its throwback tunes. Widely praised for their ability to make their way into our hearts, these are the songs that feel difficult to change once they come on. It’s difficult to resist the urge to jam out when others are singing or dancing along with you. 

What makes the music at MOD uniquely important to Queen’s students is its inextricable link to school memories. Listening to the same throwbacks that have played countless times during my time at Queen’s while at MOD, nostalgia is unavoidable. These songs remind me of some of my fondest undergrad experiences full of dancing and hanging out with friends. 

THE TEA ROOM (Frannie)

The Tea Room is one of Queen’s hidden gems. Located in the ILC (Beamish-Munro Hall), it’s a zero-waste cafe that offers a variety of food and drinks. It’s one of my favourite places on campus to do work, grab a snack, or meet up with a friend. I love the Tea Room not just  because of its sustainable mission, environmentally responsible options, and support for local food vendors, but also because it has such a great atmosphere. 

This collection of indie and R&B will bring you right back to the cafe and creates the perfect vibe if you’re working from home!

You can follow the tea room’s Spotify @queenstearoom! 

O-WEEK (Steph)

O-Week at Queen’s is one of the most exciting times of the year, filled with people celebrating their return to Kingston and reconnecting with friends who live far away. This celebration at the end of the summer means two things: Pier by day, University Avenue by night. Remember when you could go to University with thousands of people and not have to worry about social distancing? 

What contributes to the excitement of O-Week are the tunes played. The music embodies the liveliness, traditions and sense of excitement felt by students. With this in mind, O-Week songs are generally upbeat melodies and lyrics that are easy to follow along with so that everybody can take part in the fun. 

PRE (Frannie)

What’s better than a good ol’ Thursday Stage Rage? The 2 hour long pre that precedes it, the debate over when to leave, and the inevitable decision to catch the late shift. If you’re at a Queen’s pre or party, it’s almost a given that you’ll hear any–if not all of these songs at some point in the night. After you finish dancing and screaming along to these songs at the top of your lungs, you’ll feel like you’re at Queen’s in no time.

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