The leaves are falling, the temperature is dropping, and Queen’s students are facing the complete horrors of midterms. This means only one thing—Halloween is almost here. 

While spooky season may commence for some at the croak of midnight on October 1st, others shudder nervously as  their housemates knock on their bedroom door on October 30th and say “ what are you gonna be for Halloween?”|. 


At this point, you consider the bare minimum. You consider going as an “athlete” and dig out some jersey while questioning the last time it was washed. Or even worse, you would consider dressing in all black, drawing whiskers on our face with eyeliner and going as…as…a cat. The horror.

Friends don’t let friends dress as cats for the 5th Halloween in a row, which is why I’ve crafted the ultimate guide to last minute Halloween costumes. So, here’s to the ones who forget, the ones who think they have more time, and the ones who would rather keep their mic and camera on for an entire Zoom lecture than have to dress up. These last-minute costume ideas are for you:


Look, the 2020 references are going to be overused and unoriginal. Let’s face it, the world doesn’t necessarily need more Carole Baskins and Joe Exotics. So, if you’re going to do 2020, at least be comfortable. Go as quarantine. Suit up in your comfiest PJ set, your fluffiest night robe, or your softest sweatpants and hit the streets (which will probably be your own couch, thanks COVID). Don’t forget to hold a glass (or maybe a bottle) of wine in your hand to really commemorate those never-ending April days.  

Man’s/Woman’s Biggest Fear:

My all-time favourite, the holy grail of comfortable and last-minute Halloween costumes. Throw on any old white t-shirt and write man and/or woman’s biggest fear. Maybe it’s a shout out to your ex with “commitment” issues or your other ex with “admitting to being wrong”. No matter what, you’re sure to be one of the spookiest costumes out there. 

A Formal Apology: 

This includes old prom dresses and tuxes, the gowns and suits you sadly never got to wear to your COVID-cancelled formals, it can be that one outfit your grandma bought you which you swore you’d never have a reason to wear. They all add up to this: the formal apology. Dust off your best formal attire, slap on a sign/ sash that says, “I’m sorry”, and you’re ready to celebrate Halloween at home.

Raining Men:


This refreshing DIY will bring you anything but grey skies. Grab an umbrella, print off pictures of all of your favourite, and favorite looking, men, and attach them together with varying lengths of string. Harry, Justin, Leo, all of your housemates’ significant others, that one guy in your Zoom class, I don’t judge.

The Bachelor/ The Bachelorette: 

It’s the most dramatic Halloween ever. Uncover those sparkly tight cocktail dresses that you haven’t worn since 2013 and bring out those pastel button-ups and Sperrys, it’s your time to be the star of your own season. Get ready for a night filled with roses, rosé, and rejections. Will you be engaged by the end of the night to the love of your life who you’ll break up with after about 7 months of doing promotional ads on Instagram? Come back next week to find out. 

420doggface208 TikTok:


Grey hoodie. Ocean Spray. Fleetwood Mac. Nothing spooky here, just celebrating an absolute icon. 


And finally…The Hub: 


This Halloween, let’s pay tribute to our fallen heroes. Get your social circle together to recreate the most iconic locations in all of Canadian University history, maybe even all of Canada. Dress in your Sunday’s best for the Brass, get out those country boots for Tumble Tuesday at Ale (no seriously, the last one ever), sport a mix of leather and denim for Stages, and tape some loonies on your shirt for dollar beers at Trinity. If you’re really looking for a spooky season, you might even dare to recreate the deep and dark paradise that is The Spot. 


Although it has become a cliché to say, this is not a normal year, and that unfortunately includes the Halloween festivities. 


However, if there’s one thing Queen’s students have proven over the past couple months, it’s that we know how to keep the good times rolling while putting the safety of ourselves and our community first. 


Stay safe and stay spooky Gaels. 


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