Anyone who has ever stepped foot onto our beautiful campus has probably noticed three things: Herschel backpacks, Hunter boots, and Canada Goose jackets. While each of these clothing staples are very practical choices (I admit my Hunters keep my feet dry), sometimes it can feel a little repetitive walking down University Ave.

How can one look unique while still being chic? Do I actually have to buy an $800 coat just to look fashionable at Queen’s?

If you have ever felt stuck in this rut of Queen’s University fashion, don’t panic. MUSE is here for you to get you through this school year, in as fashionable and classy a way as possible. That way you can have more time to study- or go to Tumble (whichever).

You mean… I have to go to class?

Yes. You probably should go to class. And you’ll need something to carry that MacBook in. While the Hershel pop-up shop might have blessed many a student, there are so many other options out there to try out. Maybe this is the year that you’ll try a new bag (or a few…)

For the ladies, we picked a few options. If you want a unique, feminine shape that will still be able to hold that Biology book, check out the backpacks from ASOS and Tory Burch.

Or, for something cool and novel, American Apparel has a fun, clear backpack (so be proud to carry that latest copy of Muse). And, for those that prefer an over the shoulder bag, the satchel below from Topshop is very reminiscent of a purse, making it perfect for a stop by QP on the way home from class.


While florals may not be for every guy, this bag from Urban Outfitters, is a sure way to turn heads. And if flowers aren’t your thing, Ralph Lauren has you covered with this unique rucksack bag. Personally, I prefer the leather messenger bag below, from Fossil. And trust me, it guarantees compliments.



Winter is Coming…

Unfortunately, the sunshine is going to end. We understand that Canada Goose jackets are warm. We get it. And you have to stay warm somehow. Luckily, we have a few options. While you enjoy the last few days of summer, take a little look into the (too close for comfort) future.

Large, oversized coats are in this winter. This oversized blanket coat from Topshop looks super cozy, and you definitely won’t lose it at coat check. And, while you may love the fur feature on your Canada Goose, you’re going to love the (faux) fur on this oversized coat from Zara (remember the poor coyotes)! Finally, this classic overcoat from J. Crew is guaranteed to be warm and stylish, plus it has a hood, which is golden if our winter is anything like last year. As an HBC Stripe enthusiast, the list could not be complete without a Canadian classic. This retro looking coat will be sure to keep you your warmest (and chicest)

GIRLCOATS The gentlemen, too, need coats to stay warm on those cold nights spent skating with a special someone at City Hall. Duffel coats continue to be on point and are undoubtedly able to withstand any polar vortex. This first one comes courtesy of Zara, and also features a nice faux fur trim around the hood. J. Crew never disappoints, and this winter they knocked it out of the park with this long plaid overcoat, sure to impress. Even men can sport the HBC stripes in this duffel coat, seen below.



Uh oh! It’s raining!

While you have to keep those feet dry, Hunter’s wellies are not the only option (although Queen Elizabeth II might wear them, that doesn’t mean you have to). But you definitely need something to keep those toes dry when the rain starts coming down. And no, staying inside isn’t an option.

Can we pause for a moment to talk about the inconvenience of needing your housemate’s help to pull your boots off at the end of the day? J. Crew once again doesn’t disappoint with these cute Chelsea boots that are also waterproof. We all know Burberry for making gorgeous trench coats, but they also are the makers of these chic plaid rain boots (who even knew rain boots could look so good).   Karl Lagerfeld, Chanel’s mastermind, has also launched his own personal line, and included in it are these oh-so-cute rain boots that are perfect to slip on. No housemates’ helping hands needed!


You can’t beat the classics, especially in menswear. Both of these choices are purely classic and durable for the fast-approaching rain and snow. First is the iconic L.L. Bean boot. On the other hand, there are the more rugged Timberland boots, available at Urban Outfitters.


So, just remember this the next time you go shopping- you don’t need to buy it just because everyone in your Psych lecture has it. Be different. Be unique. Be you! MUSE supports you either way.


Yours Creatively,

Parker O’Connor, Online Contributor

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