You’re not taking advantage of your full potential when you don’t sparkle – literally. Most girls hold back, afraid that accessories will make an outfit look too done up for day-time wear. I would argue against that.

There are few times a girl can ever be too dressed up. If it’s not the fear of being too done up, it’s the time constraint and lack of consideration as we whiz out the door – late for class or for work. But with the right accessories, a girl can take any look from day time office wear to night time glam wear. More girls need to prioritize the time to plan out accessories. They are as big a part of an outfit as the clothes. Accessories are versatile and imprint other people with an impression of just how well put together and fashion conscious you are. Accessories empower girls: We should all take advantage of the perks of accessorizing.

Great accessories not only enhance an outfit, but they say more about your personality – it does the talking for you. Not only do accessories define you, but a statement watch, necklace, or ring is a conversation starter that can connect you with like-minded, fashion conscious others.

We call it an arm party for a reason.

It is definitely about quality over quantity though. Question yourself: At a party would you rather be surrounded by 100 of your best acquaintances or 10 of your intimate friends? Statement jewelry works in a similar manner. You just need that one defining piece to accentuate your look.

Balance and coordination between outfit and accessories goes without saying. If you’re in the mood for a more playful outfit that incorporates either bold colour, texture, or print then opt for a simple piece of jewelry that compliments and accentuates your outfit, but that doesn’t take away from the visual impact of your clothing. However, if you’re looking to wear edgier, chunkier, or bolder jewelry, keep the clothing classy and simple (such as a nicely fitted sweater and skirt).

Blogger and stylist Julie Sarinana of dresses up a simple chunky knit sweater and leather skirt with simple accessories that do not take away from her ensemble’s mesh of cotton and knit. Her sleek pencil skirt contrasts with the oversized shape of the sweater; yet, skirt and sweater harmonize with their green colour from the same tonal family. A girl can’t help but notice the arm candy she uses to compliment her outfit. Since Jules went for a statement ensemble, she uses subtle accessories as accents to her outfit. The jewelry definitely adds glam and elegance to an everyday look.

Accessories are important to a girl’s wardrobe and to the fashion and beauty world. Why else would Glamour Magazine have editorial positions solely dedicated to accessories such as Associate Accessories Editor and Senior Accessories Editor? Actually, those sound like pretty sweet jobs to me. Take a note from one of my favourite magazines: Accessorizing isn’t just jewelry. According to Glamour, “a structured bag, fluffy dog, hot husband” are Gwen Stefani’s accessories.

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Jessica Chong, Online Contributor 

Image(s): Sincerely Jules 

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