Dear Muse Readers – or should I say listeners?

When I accepted the position for Online Director, I knew that MUSE had potential to grow it’s content offerings in the digital realm, especially considering it’s growing relevance online. I decided that this year, I would explore the sides of content creation that we’ve left relatively untapped since the magazine’s conception, starting with podcasts

Working at a publication this summer, it was extremely apparent how vital multimedia content was to publications. We just don’t read like we used to. But memes? Videos? Instagram Stories? There’s an audience. And, more importantly, that type of easily digestible content actually brings people to the website.

It’s much easier to tell a dog to come when you’re waving a treat: this is how a lot of lifestyle journalism works too.

At our first team gathering of the year, I had the opportunity to discuss MUSE’s multimedia content creation and growth with my colleagues across portfolios. Throughout my conversations, there was a consistent call for podcasts – a growing medium that entered the mainstream when shows like Serial and My Favourite Murder grew an international cult following. Similar to TV or the internet, there is a podcast for everyone. Want to listen to your BFFs chat? The Hills’ Lo Bosworth created Lady Lovin’ where her and her closest gal pals chat about their lives. Interested in American Politics? Listen to Pod Save America. 

The MUSE podcast will remain consistent with our print and digital content. It aims to be a creative outlet for students, by students, with a particular focus on popular culture and the Queen’s experience. Sometimes it will be silly, sometimes a little serious. We’ll push ourselves to find new perspectives, reflect on our lives, ask questions. We want this to be relatable, enjoyable, and, above all, an outlet for creativity and conversation. We hope it will be something you can escape to when you’re walking home from class, a study break for when you can’t fathom reading anymore, or a perhaps a forum that you can also contribute to.

Our inaugural episode is very timely, considering many students are heading home for the first holiday of the school year, Thanksgiving. My intern Trish and I reflect upon the idea of gratitude: What is it? Why does it matter? What are we grateful for?

I’m grateful for MUSE. I’m grateful for the friends I’ve made, the confidence I’ve gained, and the creativity that I express. I’m grateful that I have a team behind me that supports both the publication of weekly editorials AND multimedia content.

I hope you enjoy this first episode and I encourage you to drop me a line if you have ideas that you want to share.

Yours Creatively,

Jane Bradshaw

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