Testing… testing… is this mic working? Yes? Okay great. 

The MUSE Music Team is back louder, stronger, and more excited than ever. You can practically feel our Spotify codes beaming out of us. My name is Tiana and I’m MUSE’s Online Music Editor for the year! The team this year consists of four online music contributors – Paisia, Jack, Gabe, and Ben. Our fellowship of five music-loving selves is ready to take on the task of creating epic playlists for your ears. We’ve already put out some fantastic content this summer, but this is only the beginning. 

Music has always been the most constant being in my life. Wherever I was in life, I guarantee that music was there helping me get through it. I remember my first concert, my first cassette tape, my first CD, my first autograph. I still have my crinkly 99.7 Triple Ho Show posters my cousin would collect for me in San Jose because I could never fly over and join her. The past couple of years have been wild for sure. I remember constantly checking my phone to see that another one of the concerts I bought tickets for was cancelled due to COVID. Losing that sensation of seeing live music was hard. My Youtube history is probably just watching past concerts of artists I love, hoping to see them again one day. 

During quarantine, my playlist number grew exponentially. Any emotion I felt, any place I missed, I would have a playlist for. I used to have one yearly master log, but now I’ll literally name playlists after foods or song lyrics, or even weird dreams I’ve had. Playlist creating is an art form and there are so many more playlists I hope to create with MUSE. 

Now, we’re coming out of quarantine with our heads held high and our vaccination cards shining; we just can’t wait to venture out into the world and talk music! Hopefully, all of us can see a few shows and scream to song lyrics with a bunch of strangers this year. The playlists below show our general music taste and some new tunes we are currently jamming to.

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– Tiana, Online Music Editor


Hiya! My name’s Tiana, I’m a third-year Film major and I’m the Online Music Editor for this year! I love movie scores, depressing happy songs, and laying on the floor music.

My muse is sharing music with my friends and silent listening parties on the floor of my bedroom.

Favourite no-skip album: a place we can always go by grady 

Most anticipated concert: I bought tickets for Dayglow’s Harmony House tour and Lorde’s Solar Power tour and I’m honestly just excited to scream in a venue again. 

Check out some of Tiana’s favourite songs! 


Hi! I’m Paisia, I’m going into my third year of Commerce, and I’m a music contributor this year. Whether it’s head-banging punk or serene indie-folk, I will listen. 

My muse is long walks with earbuds in and my favourite playlist on shuffle. Favourite no-skip album: London Calling by The Clash 

Most anticipated concert: Most excited to see Smino or Anderson .Paak live! 

Listen to Paisia’s favourite beats below! 


Hi I’m Jack! I’m a fourth-year Political Studies student and I’m one of the music contributors. I love scouring through SoundCloud and YouTube for new music. 

My muse is Tyler The Creator, he is always pushing himself, his art and music in new ways and it pushes me to do the same. 

Favourite no-skip album: Welcome Home by Aries or Lil Uzi Vert vs the World by Lil Uzi. 

Most anticipated concert post-COVID: I’m honestly looking forward to any concert where I can mosh and just singalong all night.

Check out some of Jack’s favourite tunes! 


Hey! I’m Gabe, a fourth-year student in Political Studies, and one of the music contributors. I like to daydream and make beats under poor lighting. 

My muse is the art of those around me. After I experience something new, I always feel a passion to put together something of my own. 

Favourite no-skip album: Mos Def & Talib Kweli Are Black Star by Black Star

Most anticipated concert: Tom Misch if he ever comes here. 

Have a listen to what Gabe is jamming to currently! 

Looking for more music to listen to? Check out our team playlist here!




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