It’s September. We’re back at school, the days are getting shorter, and the weather a little colder. It’s nearing the most wonderful time of the year. Sweater weather. 

There are tons of simple ways to class up your fall/winter look that are always in style. Layering up is not only a good way to keep warm but can really elevate a look. A pair of nice boots are also a must-have for the winter. Buying a pair that you can class up a bit with some dress chinos or mellow out with a pair of jeans adds a lot of versatility and who doesn’t love boots. 

However, there are a few new trends that were all over Paris, New York, London, and Milan fashion weeks that can easily translate into your strolling-down-University look. 


Brown is going to be the key colour this fall. Nice earthy tones really meld well with a fall vibe and can be easily elevated to create a more classy look. Brown chinos are a must but try and track down a striped brown sweater as well. If you want more inspiration check out Ethan Hawke’s spread in the August edition of GQ. It’s basically a study in how to look badass in brown.

Technical Sweaters

After the patterned shirt craze of this summer, going back to boring sweaters would seem empty. It seemed that the top designers agreed, and really pushed crazy, technical sweaters. This means we now have permission to go almost as ridiculous with sweaters as we did with shirts. Try on some out-there colour combination and patterns and just have fun with it. 


I’m very excited to see check outfits, especially checked pants making their way into men’s style. It may seem like a runway-exclusive look but pairing a checked pant with a muted shirt or sweater is a fantastic look. A checked peacoat is also a great call if you’re picking up a new coat for this winter. It will make you stand a step above the sea of navy that usually takes over Queen’s when it starts getting chilly.

Hiking Attire

Hiking boots were a staple on a ton of the runways this year. This outdoorsy-chic vibe isn’t at athleisure levels yet, but extending the trend into your own look is a solid move, and, let’s face it. We go to Queen’s. The Tims, jeans, and Patagonia sweater vest is everywhere so let’s just take this trend as a sign of permission that we can keep the Queen’s look going this year.

Bucket Hats

And finally, we arrive at the strangest trend of the year. The 90s vibe has been popular recently, with a big logos and oversized jackets coming back into the mainstream in both Fall-Winter and Spring-Summer, but bucket hats seemed to top the rest. This is definitely one of those things that should stay on the runway. Unless you are at the pier and concerned about your skin safety, don’t wear a bucket hat. They may be good for winter in Milan but they will not be good enough for a Canadian winter. Don’t do it. Please

The elements of the Fall-Winter 2018 trends that I highlighted are all pretty easy to fit into your regular style (except bucket hats). Elevating your regular look with one of these elements (not bucket hats) will be a great way to stand out a little bit as your walking down University and give a little spring to your step this winter.

Just not bucket hats. 

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