The Best Brunch Spots in Kingston

The Best Brunch Spots in Kingston

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BY ALEX COOK                                 


Ok now I don’t know about you, but I LOVE a good brunch. Like, LOVE. As in love so much last semester I probably went at least twice a week (which I am toning down this semester because brunch is $$ and I don’t have a lot of that right now), and let me tell you, I think I’ve been everywhere possible in Kingston. I do have a car so I have that advantage of going to places that are not within the downtown walking radius but HEY if you love brunch as much as I do, you’ll hope on the bus and figure out a way to get there (it’s totally doable). Below is a list of some of my favourite brunch spots that I’ve had the pleasure of attending over my 3 years here at Queen’s.


  1. Northside Espresso + Kitchen

Northside has been a new addition to Downtown Princess Street in Kingston within the past two years. Despite this, Northside is easily one of the most popular spots to grab brunch/lunch with a friend. Inspired by Melbourne, Australia this cute little restaurant is sparsely decorated with hanging plants, colourful chairs, big wooden shared tables for communal eating, and great service staff. The food is phenomenal ranging from Eggs Benny on a thick potato latke to Avo Smash on a piece of sourdough bread. The atmosphere is warm and inviting, never loud, and is the perfect setting for a casual coffee/brunch date at any time of the day (before 5p.m)


  1. Panchancho Bakery

Panchancho is the CLASSIC Kingston brunch place. This bakery/restaurant is on Princess Street down by the water and is a cult fave. With a sun-drenched backroom for dining and the front of the store running a little bakery/fresh foods counter, Panchancho has stolen the hearts of many brunch-goers. A few dishes include the Spanish Hueveros Rancheros (El Chancho the name is on the menu), Eggs Benny (ALWAYS mandatory), Curry and Eggs, and Smoked Wild Salmon Plate.


  1. Toast and Jam

Now in my opinion, you have to visit this place just because of how CUTE the name is! Toast and Jam!!! This cute little restaurant is located on Bath Road, also attached is a bakery similar to Panchancho. Toast and Jam has cute wooden tables and big open communal space. They have a fresh juice of the day made each morning, as well as a soup. Some yummy menu items include Quinoa & Roasted Root Salad, French Toast, and Vegan Chili. Whether for brunch or lunch, you will not be disappointed with your choice to dine here.


  1. Tommy’s

Tommy’s: another cult fave in Kingston. Located in the heart of the Hub next to our beloved Ale House. Tommy’s is not only good for 24-hour brunch every day of the week, but also has a menu to suit anyone’s cravings whether for lunch or a late night munch! And did I mention they has a breakfast menu fit for a king with options for virtually everyone? Spanning 2 large pages, some of Tommy’s most popular breakfast dishes include a Breakfast Poutine, Breakfast Quesadilla, Cream Cheese Pancakes, and King Louis, which is a French toast made out of BANANA BREAD! Can I get a HELL YEAH for brunch at Tommy’s?!?!


  1. Smitty’s

Smitty’s was actually a surprise place that I stumbled upon. I noticed there was a brunch place next door to the Chapters and decided that one day I was going to check it out- and BOY am I happy I did. Smitty’s has that authentic, Sunday morning family get together feel. The booths are lined with comfortable cushion seats, the menu is stock piled with yummy classics including Milkshakes, Breakfast skillets, Cinnamon Swirl Pancakes, and a delicious Eggs Benny with Avo and Tomato! If you can get past the distance, Smitty’s is probably one of my favourite places to brunch, with reasonable prices all under $18!


  1. Coco Frutti

Coco Frutti, like Smitty’s, was another unexpected stumble into brunch HEAVEN. I was driving to the mall one day and saw the sign and decided to look it up. Hey, I love brunch so I’m always looking to try new places! Located in the RioCan centre, Coco Frutti is one of the more bougee (little pricier, still under $20) places to brunch in Kingston. With beautiful black leather plush chairs and crystal chandeliers, Coco Frutti gives off a classy brunch vibe with a menu to match. There are endless Eggs Benny options (with smoked salmon included, MY FAVE), Omelettes, and French Toast with meals also fit for Kings that provide you with French toast, Eggs, Hasbrowns, Toast, Bacon, Sausages, etc. all for under $15! Coco Frutti is a nice place you would want to take your parents or bf/gf for a classy brunch date rather than the “I’m so hungover just get me brunch now” date.

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