Every so often, I get the urge to completely transform my style. It truly just depends on my mood. Some days I want to dress as if I am lying in a field of flowers in a tiny town in northern Italy, and other days I want to embody the effortless city girl chic strutting through New York. Style consists of certain categories, which people use to fit themselves into. From classic and preppy, to boho and grunge, the world of fashion is filled with possibilities. Yet, I have never been able to find my fit in a singular category- and the truth is, there is no need to.

Fashion is an endlessly moldable enterprise that allows the wearer to reinvent themselves daily. The way different style forms give people an avenue to express themselves as whoever they want to be. Style is a beautiful thing that contrasts our norm of being forced by society into boxes. Clothing has the ability to convey so many aesthetics, and we all have the freedom to constantly showcase different sides of ourselves through the way we dress. 

I have to be honest- the fashion world used to intimidate me. From runways to street style, it seemed dauntingly elite and exclusive for me to partake in. It was rare for me to put on something other than leggings and a sweatshirt, and even when I dressed for an occasion, I stuck to typical “safe” outfits that weren’t exactly eye-catching. Dressing up did not excite me. Clothes were just something to wear, and I hadn’t explored fashion as an accessible artistic medium. One of the catalysts to me discovering this was watching the show Queer Eye. The show’s incredible stylist, Tan France, demonstrates how experimenting with fashion and putting a little bit of effort into what you wear can truly make all the difference in your own self. Giving yourself the time to put on something you feel confident in is a way to tell yourself that you are worth the small bit of effort, simply because you deserve to feel good.

I love the idea that clothes are essentially a wearable art form you can recreate with each new day. The immense range of styles drew me in, and I realized that the beauty of fashion lies within the ability it gives individuals to express their constantly changing selves. I was always worried about what people would think if I suddenly started dressing differently or more boldly than what those around me were used to. I imagined people’s reactions would fall along the lines of, “Where did this come from? That’s not you,”  But why can’t it be me? Why can’t I wake up every day and decide to showcase a different side of myself?

Fashion holds the power of allowing people to express their personalities and rebel against being put into boxes by society. It can simultaneously be a form of self-care, artistic expression, and a confidence boost. When I stopped caring about what people thought and started incorporating colors and patterns I found unique, I sensed a shift in how I felt about myself. I was doing something completely for me, instead of for the sake of what others would think, and this reflected in how I carried myself. Experimenting with fashion gave me an avenue of self-expression, and in turn, self-discovery, that I can continue to explore in my everyday life. 

As people, we are not monoliths. We are complex, multilayered, and ever-changing. We express our diverse characteristics through stylistic choices, whether that be dyeing your hair or putting on a pair of statement pants. It is a little bit of insight for the world into who you are, and even more so, insight for your own self into aspects of your personality you may not yet have had the chance to explore.  


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