I’d like to think tattoos are accepted by society —although, there is still a variety of opinions out there. To my mother’s point, tattoos are nearly “mainstream” because “everyone has them.” Recently, I set off to find the perfect ink, and, after spending several years scouring Instagram for inspiration, I’ve finally settled on a design.

Top Three Tips
  1. Do your research: Consider your options, read reviews, and take advice from friends with experience.
  2. Give it some thought: Don’t rush into things.
  3. Ask questions: It’s best to have a complete understanding about the permanent change you’re making.

For me, I love the idea of a tattoo with meaning. On the other hand, whenever I get talking about tattoos with my friends, I’m easily convinced to get something with no mean what-so-ever that very night. There’s clearly two approaches to getting inked, but there’s one piece of advice that applies in either case: whether you want a tattoo with importance, or you want something fun and impulsive, make sure you have all your information straight so you’re 100% ready to commit to the ink of your choice.

From head to toe, here’s an investigation into the perfect location for your dream tattoo.

Something Small
Location: Collarbone

A collarbone tattoo will be seen on a daily basis, so it’s typically best to stick with something on the smaller side —you decide what smaller is in this scenario, of course. Many people opt to ink a simple symbol here. For example, Ariana Grande has a small heart on her collarbone.

Something Personal
Location: Chest (“under-boob”)

 With the chest being a more ~hidden~ place, it’s a great opportunity to get some ink that covers lots of skin because you’re always able to cover it when you need to. For a chest tattoo, or a tasteful under-boob tattoo, try something that represents a big chunk of your life. For me, I’ve always dreamt of having a thin paddle tattooed in this place. 

Something, or Someone, Important
Location: Rib Cage I

A very common, and lovely, place for a tattoo, the ribcage offers both privacy and vulnerability. This tattoo will rarely be visible, making it the perfect opportunity to get something private and for (almost) only you. Having roman numerals or a date of importance on your upper rib cage is the perfect way to be vulnerable to yourself.

A Piece of Nature
Location: Rib Cage II 

This location also offers privacy and vulnerability. Why not use the opportunity to get some ink that is vulnerable? A delicate flower or piece of nature on your rib cage is a wonderful way to keep things tasteful.

The Sky
Location: Arm

There’s endless options for where your “upper arm” tattoo or “lower arm” tattoo could be. Whether it’s on the inside, outside, forearm or upper arm, this is the best chance for a cool sketch, such as a constellation.

One Word Wonder
Location: Wrist

Wrist tattoos can be tricky sometimes, as these bad boys are quite noticeable to the public eye. You may want it to be something quite simple, such as a single word. This approach gives you the ability to use it as a reminder of something important.

The Elements
Location: Inner Finger

Due to the limited amount of space, inner finger tattoos are best kept small. Go for one of the elements —earth, wind, fire, or water can be represented with a tiny planet, breeze, flame, or a wave. These tattoos tend to fade if you wear rings, so be aware that they sometimes need to be re-done.

The Kylie Jenner
Location: Hip

This is a location that has become increasingly popular, thanks to celebrities like Kylie Jenner. Taking inspiration from Jenner, why not get the pronunciation of a meaningful word on your hip? This place is private —most of the time —and encourages an expression of vulnerability.

The Big Event
Location: Upper Thigh

The upper-thigh is hidden most of the time, so it’s a great chance to get some ink that acts as a reminder of a trip or event —consider a design that captures a moment in time you never want to forget. There’s lots of room to play with in this location, so let your imagination run wild. 

Simplicity is Key
Location: Calf/Ankle

Your calf/ankle is surprisingly visible to the public. Between wearing shorts in the hot summer to jeans with a perfect crop or roll, your ankle is always looking to make an appearance. Getting a tattoo on your ankle is the perfect place to get something simple, such as a few letters. Use the characters to represent your hometown or something you’re passionate about.

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