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Summer vacation, although eagerly awaited, can be daunting to a university student with eager Instagram followers and an empty wallet.

Face it, you went out a few too many times, you splurged on that one pair of shoes, and that trip to Cancun during Christmas set you back a bit. Now it’s August and tuition deadlines are approaching while you’re scrolling through your peers’ Euro-trip pics trying to figure out how to save for 2018. Well, it’s time to stop moping and have some fun without breaking the bank. So grab that cute H&M outfit and seize the rest of summer.


1) Outdoor movies

Okay, so we’ve all been to our local Cineplex more times than we can count (particularly on Tuesdays for half the price) but why be stranded in a crowded dark room when you can lay on a blanket under the stars? One thing Canadians shouldn’t take for granted is the 2 months of the year where we can go outside without being rained or snowed on. These outdoor movies take place weekly at various locations from the Aga Khan Museum in Toronto to your local park. You can find fun throw backs like Mean Girls (Movie Nights in The Beach Village) or Grease (Movies in St. James Park) or recent flicks like La La Land (Cultura Festival). The best part of these events – they’re all free! You can bring your own snacks or buy popcorn and drinks on site for a few dollars.

A whole list of showtimes in Toronto can be found here:


Image courtesy of BlogTO

2) Museums

You may have noticed the #Canada150 thing going around. Well, it’s not just a hashtag. It’s a big birthday for our country and as gift to all its citizens, quite a few museums are allowing free admission. I don’t know about you, but I think history’s way cool and it’s always a bonus to get some free education (cue tuition fees!). The ROM even offered free admission on Canada Day, but it’s okay if you missed that – there are plenty more options. All the museums in Mississauga, my hometown, are free this year so check your city’s website! Also, if you’re near Ottawa, Parliament Hill tours are always free while the National Gallery and Museum of History offer free admission on Thursday nights.

AGO - Art Gallery of Ontario

Image courtesy of Peter Dusek

3) Free festivals

Okay, most of us can’t be Vanessa Hudgens and go to Coachella every year. But, local festivals are underrated. One fan favourite is Busker Fest, a free music festival that celebrates street performers. Food trucks are on standby so you can enjoy a chocolate-dipped churro while admiring a travelling dance troop. You don’t know what to expect in the spontaneous line up. This festival, although biggest in Toronto, visits Ottawa, Hamilton, Kingston, and Port Credit.



And finally,


4) Beach

So, pretty basic but a summer essential. Even if cold Ontario lakes aren’t your thing, volleyball, picnics and bonfires fit almost everyone’s style. Add some soft serve from the ice cream truck and you’re good to go.


Image courtesy of City News

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