Ah, exam season. The ‘I’m finally done classes’ relief begins to set in as the ‘oh shit, I still have exams to write’ realization conflicts it. You’re sluggish, you’re tired, you’re eating WAY too many chocolate covered peanuts from grocery checkout (yeah you, don’t lie). I get it, exams aren’t easy, but powering through them is important. If you feel good, you can do well- so replace that caffeine jolt with a music-induced endorphin boost instead.

Since many of you won’t be hitting stages for a little while, I thought it would be fun to curate a little exam study playlist (scroll to bottom). Nothing too crazy, but just the right amount of cool to keep you relaxed, motivated and enjoying yourself. Take breaks, drink water and tbh keep buying those chocolate covered peanuts, it’ll get better.

Cheers, BEST OF LUCK and enjoy.



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