So remember last week when I said we’re all putting our winter jackets away? Well, I guess I spoke too soon. Mother Nature pulled a fast one on us, and let’s just say not everyone is very happy with this frigidness.

While I lazily sported the”goose” (I promise I’m not dressing like a slob underneath!), loved how these students put together something warm & chic. Layering light jackets over cable knit sweaters? Check. Accessorizing with chunky scarves, warm headbands, or colourful beanies. Triple check. Oh, and how could we forget those much needed hot cups of coffee on our way to class!

So as much as I can bear love the occasional cold days in the winter, let’s hope spring is literally around the corner.

Yours creatively,

Renee Tse, Social Media Coordinator

Photography: Katie Michiels 

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