I’ve always been intrigued by the places where we find solace.

For some it’s on the subway or at the gym, while others find comfort existing alone in corners of their personal rooms. I believe that the spaces we choose speak to our individuality, and how we function within these places can say even more about us. Student living is particularly interesting as our freedom extends beyond the limits of ‘doing whatever we want’ to our childhood bedrooms; many of us are at a time in our lives where we can be where we want, when we want to be there. Thus, this piece includes a compilation of spaces around campus, and the fascinating people that they truly belong to.


“I refuse to be constantly available for contact. I have this balcony out the window of my room (well it’s a fire escape), but I use it as a get away. It faces a scarcely used laneway and looks out on the courthouse. I don’t see many people other than those scurrying to class, but there’s never any expectation of interaction. It serves as a place to read a book or smoke a joint – depending on my solipsistic mood that day. It’s a space that I can truly be alone – without being too far from the comforts of home.”

Explore Andrew’s Space Here:

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“I chose the greenroom in the Isabel as my space. I just love sitting here and watching the sunset on the water. It’s a magical space for me because every time I’m here, I’m calm.”

Explore Darren’s Space Here:

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“This roof isn’t so much a roof as it is an overhang, and a dodgy one at that. The shingles are weathered and crumbling away, and the space itself surely wasn’t meant for human occupation. Regardless of these technicalities, my housemates and I treat our roof like a little kingdom. It’s a space for human connection, it attracts that kind of energy. If I ever come out here by myself, I won’t be by myself for long. I’ll either be joined by  a housemate coming home, a neighbour/friend passing by, or a house guest passing through (my closeness with whom varies greatly). This roof has been the setting for some of my favourite conversations, revelations, laughs and moments of mindfulness. We’re coming to a close on Season 3 of the roof’s lifetime – the third and final. So, thanks for the memories you crumbling ol’ kingdom.”

Explore Devon’s Space Here:

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“I like to keep my space very busy, but also super cozy at the same time. I would definitely need to incorporate some brighter colours if it was going to be a productive space, but luckily I stick to doing work at the lib. Blank walls are definitely a no-go for me. I tend to use music related artwork because then I can showcase some of my personality while decorating. If I had some extra money to spare I would definitely like to incorporate some more boho elements like a big rug and more plants, but for now i’ll have to stick to the student budget.” 

Explore Ella’s Space Here:

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“I could make a list of all the places that make me happy, but the one that persists through time and space is my bedroom. Here at Queen’s, my bedroom is the one place where I feel completely zen. I do all of my favourite activities here; I sleep, listen to music, watch Netflix, make art, and did I say sleep? I’ve curated a space that makes me feel balanced and that represents parts of myself. The one spot that brings me the most joy, is my photo wall or my ‘happy wall’. Comprised of all of my favourite disposable and Polaroid pictures as well as some of my mini paintings, this wall captures the moments in my life that always bring a smile to my face. When I look at my wall, every other thought leaves my busy head. No matter where I go or how much I change, my bedroom will continue to be my sanctuary and safe place.”

Explore Erin’s Space Here:

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“Canada was so foreign to me. It took awhile to adjust from the culture shock, so much so in fact sometimes I feel like I’m still going through it. It’s hard to make a space feel familiar when you’re so far away from home. Before coming to Queen’s, I saw a bunch of group pictures in front of Ontario hall, which by now is pretty much a classic. I took a photo myself with one of the first people I met at Queen’s, and today she’s my best friend. I like sitting on the high bench and looking at the campus because it makes all my fears about living alone in an unknown place so inferior.”

Explore Hareer’s Space Here:

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“This is the Queen’s Music Club rehearsal room, a place where I, along with many others, are given the opportunity to forget about everything going on in life and express ourselves through music. The weekly jams hosted here allow musicians of all skill levels to meet other students with a similar passion for music. It’s how I met a few of my current bandmates, leading to some of my most cherished university experiences and memories. Whether we’re practicing some covers, jamming on the fly, or writing original material, I am forever grateful for every second I get to spend in this room. Ever since I found out about this place, my passion for music has only grown. It serves as a catalyst that helps grow the Kingston music scene, which I can only see as a positive outcome for the community.”

Explore Isaac’s Space Here:

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“I feel like so many people are obsessed with having the perfectly decorated room and can’t settle until they reach the exact look they’re going for. I definitely try and make my room look nice, but at the end of the day, I find it’s the parts that don’t necessarily fit or look perfect that make it my own space. Like, my plant just sits here on the floor because there’s nowhere else to put it. Part of me likes it like that though- it’s just kinda whatever and there’s no pressure to decorate. For me, it’s definitely more important to have a space that reflects who I am rather than some room straight out of Urban Outfitters that I have no personal connection to.”

Explore Joel’s Space Here:

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“When I was little I completely and totally believed that I was a fairy. As I got older, and practicality, science, and important decisions seemed to take over the majority of my life, a few things remained that always kept me believing in the beauty and innocence of the world – animals, art, and clothing. Every morning when I wake up the first thing I see is pink tulle, embroidered butterfly print, and vintage velvet Winnie The Pooh overalls. Unique clothing reminds me that the world is a pretty epic place, filled with people who have amazing, creative and beautiful ideas. Every night before I go to bed I say goodnight to my favourite bean, my hamster Mistor, and his simple but content demeanour always puts the complexities of everything else going on in my life into perspective. Animals and people’s creations, clothing or otherwise, are to me the epitome of all that is great about the world. That is why I have 50 dresses, 25 stuffed animals, and a hamster crowded into a tiny, yet happy basement bedroom.”

Explore Kiera’s Space Here:

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“My room is a space which allows me to create. From elaborate skin care routines at my desk, to embroidering while laying in bed, I always feel as though I can neglect the stresses of university by putting my energy into a new project.”

Explore Lauren’s Space Here:

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“This space is where I spend 90% of my time. I’ll sit on the couch while watching a show or doing my readings. My housemates often joke that I remind them of their parents when they were late for curfew because I’m always waiting by the door. One of my favourite things in this room is our gigantic TV. While a TV this size would normally cost an arm and a leg, we snagged this off of Free and For Sale for only $25 (best $25 I’ve ever spent!) We normally have our group meetings for class in this room as we’ll airplay our project onto the screen. Honestly, if I could marry this TV, I would, without a second thought. I also love this space because it’s always filled with people. We live super close to campus, so close that I don’t think it’s physically possible to get any closer! Whenever I come home, there’s usually a friend or a stranger watching TV or doing their homework on our dining table, and I love it!”

Explore Taylor’s Space Here:

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Photography and Media By: Roscoe Dillman and Alex Jones

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