Sober n Childish

Sober n Childish



Back in October of last year, rapper/producer/actor/writer/comedian Donald Glover released his latest musical project under his Childish Gambino moniker. It was a dual release with a mix-tape hosted by the legendary DJ Drama and a digital only EP called Kauai.

Sober is a cut from the later, it’s a real groovy jam featuring ‘bino flexing his falsetto as he questions a complicated relationship he’s got goin’ on with a girl.

The video itself has a dual effect of matching and not matching to the song at all. To me, the song (and the whole EP) sounds like they would match a week at the beach. That being said, the video reeks of classic Michael Jackson vibes and even feature Childish doing his best impression with a very expressive dance.

The video was choreographed by Ian Eastwood, and was directed by frequent ‘bino collaborator Hiro Maurai (Clapping for the Wrong Reasons, 3005, Worst Guys, Sweatpants). It dropped at 3am EST on Friday morning.

The interesting element to all of this is it’s tie in with ‘bino’s album continuation. One thing people have been noting is the fact that the clock doesn’t change the entirety of the video, and the fact that the 9:30 time matches the 93 letterman in the video. There’s also something off about the way ‘bino looks, I would go as far as saying he looks pretty strung out. It’s a fun video in a kind of eerie way.

Hope y’all enjoy. Watch it here.

Yours Creativey,

Enoch Ncube, MUSE Videographer

Photograph: Screenshot from the Video Sober

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