Shout Out to Aerie for Making a Bathing Suit That Fits Everyone

Shout Out to Aerie for Making a Bathing Suit That Fits Everyone

BY SAM TURNBULL                                                                                                                                                   ONLINE CONTRIBUTOR


Image courtesy of Aerie

It’s summer. It’s sunny, it’s hot, and it’s inevitable that you’re going to go swimming. Terrifying, right? Because going to the beach, the lake, or even your best friend’s pool poses the huge threat of having to wear a bathing suit…in front of PEOPLE. *Shivers* But why is this so hard? There’s water, you jump in, you avoid passing out from the 30⁰C weather. It should be simple. But in this day and age, with Instagram and VSCO setting the standard for what we should look like in a bathing suit, girls (and boys) are finding it harder and harder to find suits that are flattering, cover more than 12% of our skin, and most importantly make us feel good.

To throw some facts out there; the average young woman in Canada is a size 12-14. This is far from the size 00 we see all over the internet. Because of the need to make us want to be like Victoria’s Secret Angels, the big companies tend to conveniently forget that none of us look like them. But don’t fret, my fellow beach avoiders. Aerie, the sister brand of American Eagle has come out with a bathing suit that has taken the swimwear game to a whole other level.

Finally, a company with the power to change the way we shop for the summer. Aerie has done everything from using models of every shape, size and ethnicity, to creating various styles of swimwear geared towards petite, average and plus size girls. Out of all the suits, one has stood out above the rest. The Super Scoop One Piece Swimsuit is the first step in letting the world know that they are a brand for everyone.

You’ve probably seen this bathing suit somewhere. A classy, but sexy one piece that covers just the right amount of skin to give you those tan lines that you work so hard for – and not to mention makes for the perfect Insta. The one piece comes in sizes XS – XL, and even long versions for those on the taller side. It’s clear that Aerie is aware of their demographic and supports the fact that we don’t all look like Kendall and Kylie. The suit is also a mere $37.90 (for their summer sale), which is the same price as just a bottom from Pink. To make things even better, it comes in over 10 different colours to suit any skin tone. From personal experience, almost every one of my friends has it. And you know what? As different as their bodies are, it looks amazing on all of them. I even bought two (because I have no self control when it comes to shopping), and I’ve never looked or felt better in a bathing suit.

Unfortunately, a bathing suit like this is a rare occurrence. By creating it, Aerie is showing incredible growth and care for the average girl. Because they are a company with a strong standing amongst the big brands for young adults, maybe this is the beginning of caring more about the customer than the look of the ad. Take the hint, Victoria’s Secret. Body positivity is spreading from the top of the food chain.

So thank you, Aerie, for recognizing that although I wish I looked like Alexis Ren, I don’t… and you’re okay with that.

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