Hollywood’s only fun award show took place on Saturday night, with “Green Book” and “Bohemian Rhapsody” emerging as the big winners from the 76th Golden Globes. The traditional black tux ruled the day, but some celebs took some big jumps and made great decisions to really stand out on the red carpet. Here are a few of the best looks from 2019 Golden Globes:


The Classics

A Hollywood red carpet will always heavily feature the classic black tux, white shirt, black bowtie look, but that it is because it is a classic and rarely fails to impress. Nicholas Hoult advanced the staple look by hinting at the wide lapels of the 70s, but in a tasteful manner way that remained understated. Richard Madden sported a velvet black tux, giving him a more mature look that matched his respectable grey streak.


The Twist

Going a step above the basic black tuxedo can be hard to do, but Mahershala Ali absolutely nailed it with a blue paisley statement scarf, achieving what I believe was the best look of the night. It looked perfect on the red carpet and even better when we got on stage to accept his Best Supporting Actor award. Dave Franco also elevated the classic look by adding a little texture to his jacket with some light embroidery.


The Bejeweled


Darren Criss had a great night, picking up a Golden Globe for his performance in “The Assassination of Gianni Versace” and, although it was not quite bejewelled the white flower-embroidered jacket was another win for Criss. Ben Whishaw went all in with an awesome Alexander McQueen jacket but kept the rest of the outfit muted to allow McQueen’s work to shine.

The Cool

You always know that Spike Lee is going to be wearing something exciting on the red carpet and he did not disappoint this year. Lee killed it with a purple tux, purple beret, crazy glasses, a big cross, and of course, gold boots to close it all out. His outfit made another stand-out Timothee Chalamet’s sparkling harness look tame.


The key takeaway from the best looks from the runway is that classic still looks good. The fear that the of a 90s revival in men’s tailoring has not started, yet (thank god). Outside of Michael B. Jordan and Troye Sivan, most of the looks kept with a modern silhouette, as well as slimmer and shorter pants. Maybe we have avoided this trend, but we must all stay vigilant to ensure that we never allow this to return:


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