With Valentine’s Day over, and the end of MUSE sex-ed week approaching, we can all go back to only being excited for this week because we get to go home, or at least take a break from school work for a little while.

But we got to thinking, while we were talking to the SHRC, and reading hook-up horror stories, and listening to our podcast about falling in love, about what we weren’t taught in health class about the birds and the bees.

We wanted to know if our sex-ed class ignorance was widespread, so we went to the most reliable source possible: you. And here’s the final product: what sex-ed never taught Queen’s students.

That Plan B Exists – 2nd Year

Anything about gay sex of any kind or diversity in physical sex of people.  – 3rd Year

How to get people to want to sleep with you when you don’t have the looks or sense of humour necessary to make up for your shitty personality. – 1st Year

That it is physically possible to have premarital sex. They always made it sound like you literally couldn’t have sex until you were married. – 2nd Year

I never knew that oral sex was for girls too I was blown away after some in person research. – 4th Year

Anything about orgasms. – 1st Year 

The long-term effects of birth control on my body. – 2nd Year 

Anything about anal. – 3rd Year 


Literally anything about gay sexual health. – 1st Year 

The proper mechanics of having sex in a car. – 3rd year 

STIs can be asymptomatic, so you can spread them to other people without even knowing you have one! – 4th Year 

Pee after sex to avoid a UTI lol. – 2nd Year 

Lesbian sex. – 3rd Year 

How to be good at it :(. – 2nd Year 

How to spot an unhealthy/manipulative sexual relationship. – 1st Year

Virginity is a myth! – 4th Year

How to take care of your dick after sex. – 2nd Year

Unfortunately, it didn’t talk about consent and how to engage in sex so that both you and your partner are comfortable. – 4th Year 

How to put a condom on a banana. I think that’s a myth. – 1st Year

Sex isn’t just “p in v” – sex is whatever intimate activity you want it to be. – 3rd Year 

HPV – what it is, how 75% of sexually active people have it and how it can cause complications with your cervix that require laser surgery and biopsies!! And there’s no symptoms in guys. – 4th Year

Consent.  – Multiple responses, from every year. 


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