Seizing Opportunities

Seizing Opportunities

Seizing Opportunities: Queen’s Media and Journalism Conference


The transition from being a student to becoming a part of an industry can be a challenging one. I know I speak for many students when I say that I have, at times, felt limited by my program. Academic experience within the confines of a classroom is one thing, but how do you go about transforming that education into a tangible career? Knowing where to start can be a difficult task, whether you’re an English Literature and Language student or Political Sciences major. You might need to delve a little deeper into your surrounding environment in order to find your place.

That’s where opportunities like the Queen’s Media and Journalism Conference come into play. This exciting conference is devoted to providing students with a collaborative, interactive, and diverse understanding of a truly vast and fulfilling field. As an annual event that bridges the gap between students and the industry, QMJC is unique in that it focuses on media and journalism. Entering into my first year, I knew I wanted to be in the media industry, and was disheartened by the fact that pursuing a degree in journalism at Queen’s wasn’t an option. After discovering QMJC, I found myself actively involved year after year.

My experience as a delegate at the Queen’s Media and Journalism Conference proved to be invaluable. Not only does the conference provide you with the opportunity to interact with the some of the best in the industry— it also provides students with an intimate, diverse, and incredibly helpful understanding of the inner workings of the field. Whether you’re interested in PR, online journalism, or photojournalism, QMJC leaves students with an unforgettable experience on how to get started as prospective journalists and media professional.


To get involved with QMJC 2015, find the registration link on our Facebook page, Registration ends this Sunday, March 1st at 11:30pm— we can’t wait to meet you!

Yours Creatively,

Noor Ibrahim, Co-Chair for the Queen’s Media and Journalism Conference

Photography: Devin McDonald

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