This past Saturday I made my way down to Tiffany & Co. in Toronto, on the quest for a Valentine’s Day gift. Like most men looking to please their lady on the most romantic day of the year, I figured that Tiffany and Valentine’s Day are basically synonymous with each other; they go hand in hand.  But I started to wonder: what is the male version of Tiffany’s? Is there a place where females can go and just find that “perfect” gift for their significant other? The answer is no. To be honest, shopping for guys is a little bit harder. There is no light blue box that embodies all our hopes and dreams. There is no bouquet of flowers or box of chocolates that can steal our heart.  But with that being said, not all is lost. Just because there isn’t a male equivalent of Tiffany’s doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of gifts that can make your man happy this Valentine’s Day.

The Sports Man—If your boyfriend is into sports then your options are wide open. Sports tickets to an event, gear from his favorite team, or even taking him to the bar to watch the big game are all deadly.

The Fashionista—If your boyfriend is anything like myself then you will know that he has a few brands that he loves. Take a look in his closet and get inspired by what he’s already wearing. Remember to stick to the basics, too.  If you get him something to outside the box, it could be a swing and a miss.

The Geek—Take your man on a trip to the Ontario Science Center in Toronto. Sometimes gifts go way beyond the tangible – watch him light up as he walks into the IMAX theatre of outer space.

The Hipster—If your dude is a hipster, a trip to Toronto’s Queen West is in order. Take him to his favorite raw, vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, meat-free hormone-free restaurant!

Ladies, the key to winning your man’s heart on Valentines Day is giving him what he likes – which includes spending time with you. Take a look at where your guy fits on the scale and try and get him something you think best suits him. And remember, there is no little blue box for men.

Yours creatively,

Christian Karayannides, Online Contributor 

Image: We Heart It

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