For those who aren’t travelling, Fall Term Break is a great opportunity to catch up on readings and all of the latest Netflix releases. In honour of this weekend, we’ve compiled a list of our favourite TV shows, podcasts, albums, and movies to make sure your staycation is one for the books.


The Reality TV Series

Terrace House

“Terrace House (I recommend, Opening New Doors or Hawaii State) is described by many as the ‘most relaxing reality TV show ever.’ This Japanese show takes a new approach to the classic reality TV formula. The basic premise is they give them a house, cars and let them get on with their lives. This hands off approach allowing the housemates to interact and create freely. I know what you’re thinking… snooze fest? You’d be surprised how much drama can ensue with a few people left in a house over an extended period of time. Plus, the show takes a unique approach to audience participation, punctuated by commentary from presenters and on occasion celebrity fans of the show! Long story short, it’s a must watch —thank me later!”

— Rachael Quarcoo, Head of Marketing


The Self-Care Podcasts

Dear Sugars

“Dear Sugars is a self-help podcast offering listeners radical honesty and compassion. Hosted by author of acclaimed memoir Wild, Cheryl Strayed, and another author, Steve Almond. The hosts draw on their own life experiences as well as the experiences of guests to answer heart-wrenching questions about love, loss, money, and friendship. There’s an episode for every one of life’s challenges, and I can confidently say the advice on this show has given me so many unique perspectives and coping strategies. The show has been over for about a year now, but they re-release a favourite episode each week. Definitely recommend for a good self-care session over the break.”

— Anna McAlpine, Head of Events

The Dublin Story Slam Podcast

“My ideal night is spent sharing stories with friends over a few drinks. Sometimes, particularly during a break from school, there’s no one else around to have a laugh with, so I’m forced to resort to other sources of entertainment —primarily, podcasts. Personally, there’s no greater capsule of story-tellers than the Dublin Story Slam Podcast. Each episode features three stories on a specific subject from different orators, taken as excerpts from the live event in Dublin. I recommend starting with ‘Accidental Hero’ or ‘Work,’ you’re sure to get hooked on the good-humour and great accents.”

— Claudia Rupnik, Online Editor


The Hot Albums

Frank Ocean

“Frank Ocean has returned, so the beginning of sadboyautumn is here. In ‘DHL’, the newest single he dropped as a gift to all of us on Homecoming Saturday, Ocean paints yet another dreamy soundscape perfect for walks home in cold, foggy weather, studying in Stauffer, or truly anything. With a possible album hint in the artwork (13 silhouettes can’t mean NOTHING can it????), I’m prepared to make whatever he comes out with next into the soundtrack of my final year at Queen’s.”

— Trish Rooney, Online Director

Harry Hudson and Palace

“I have two albums people don’t really know about and should! The first is Yesterday’s Tomorrow Night by Harry Hudson. It’s such a beautiful album, his voice is very unique and it’s a very different type of pop music. The second album is So Long Forever by Palace. This album’s been out for a while, but not many people know about it. The people I’ve introduced this artist to (and this album) have loved it —it’s the perfect unique alternative album”

— Amira Ghobrial, Online Contributor


The Female-Centered Film


Hustlers —hands down, great girls night out movie … go go go.”

— Erin Macintosh, Marketing Coordinator


Header Image Source: Brit + Co

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