When you think about it, the rain does not seem like something that would greatly affect your outlook on life. Generally, the weather is not a topic that is particularly polarizing. In fact, conversations about the weather is a kickstart to insignificant small talk. However, throughout literature, film, and other art forms, the weather is a huge indicator of mood. For example, sunshine is associated with happier emotions, and rain is associated with feelings of sadness. 

In Kingston, my friends tend to not be too thrilled when it rains. It can be disruptive to your everyday schedule, even (literally) dampening your mood and stunting your productivity. Rainy days carry an air of melancholy that can deeply affect how you feel, and consequently how you spend your time. 

Living in Vancouver, my outlook on the rain has always been quite different. Rainy days are so frequent. In a cynical light, the rain is more often negatively affected than not. While the rain may signal a gloomy day for some, growing up somewhere where it is so inevitable has made the rain a source of comfort for me. There is nothing more calming than curling up with a cup of tea and falling asleep to the sound of droplets gently hitting your roof. Yet, it’s prevalence also means that, as much as it can sometimes provide an opportunity for a quiet day in, it mostly signals that life must go on as usual. 

For me, rain has become a symbolic reminder of the importance of embracing the unconventional and appreciating the beauty that can be found within this. While going to the beach when it is sunny has a stereotypical appeal, walking along an uncrowded beach on a rainy day is uniquely incomparable. Going for walks outside in the rain can be particularly invigorating. There is something special about being able to switch something that may seem like a barrier to something that does not hold you back.

Adaptability is another aspect of life that is analogous to the way I view rain. This has been especially relevant in a time like now when everything going on in the world makes daily activities so unpredictable. As uncertain as life is, I have found a paradoxical piece of constant stability: it keeps going, no matter what. It does not stop for anyone or anything. Whether there is a full-blown storm or mere showers, life around you continues to go on. It is up to you how you choose to handle this, and this often heavily determines your own outcome. You can either get caught up in what is holding you back or look to take opportunities where they aren’t typically found.

It is easy to pick out the bad, the unfortunate, and the difficult. Sometimes, the hurdles that life throws your way feel endless and it seems like there is nothing else to focus on. However, what is harder is finding a silver lining. While you may not be in complete control of what is going on in your life, you are in control of how you approach situations. Being able to see things from another viewpoint can make all the difference in changing a hurdle into a stepping stone. 

Going through life without change would be mundane and draining. Although initial change may not always seem positive, it is an uncontrollable part of life. Without it, progress and growth would not be possible. Rain is a shift from normalcy, signaling a fresh start. It is a cleansing process, necessary for revitalizing and re-energizing. Sometimes, evaluating your outlook on something as seemingly irrelevant as the rain can be more impactful on the attitude you carry through life than you may know.

Whether your perfect rainy day is spent being cozy indoors or being adventurous out and about, we could all use some soothing tunes to get by. Here are some of my favorite rainy day jams: 


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