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Welcome to the 80s, also known as the decade of wild perms, spandex, and boys standing outside your window, boombox in hand. Over the past 40 years, some 80s styles have made a resurgence – proving that fashion trends don’t always go out of style for good. Last month, I substantiated my case by examining the ways in which the 1970s fashion trends continue to inspire our fits in 2019. This week, we’re taking a blast to the past once more, but this time we’re handing in our ponchos and fringe looks, in favour of animal prints, mini skirts, and colour coordinating shoes. 

Early 80s fashion trends were much more sombre than those of the mid to late 80s. Warm tones including browns, deep oranges and tans overpowered the colour palette in the industry. Block-like shapes were cool and dressing like a tennis player was an (odd) thing. 

The association between the 80s and loud, electric fashion began emerging in 1985, as artists such as Cyndi Lauper and Michael Jackson began diverging from the status quo. Bright coloured and patterned accessories ushered into the everyday wear of the young people – often pairing their look with big, teased hair. By contrast, more conservative women often sported high-waisted “mom” jeans and “Cosby sweaters” aka baggy sweaters that look like they were pulled straight from your grandpa’s closet. 

The rise of MTV music videos greatly impacted the fashion industry. Suddenly, youth were instantly connected with the untamed looks of celebrities from across the world and trends spread like wildfire – it was radical! 

While many popular 80s looks, such as perms, croakies and leg warmers, are still out of style, 2019 fashion continues to pull inspiration from this animating time in history. So if you want to look like totally tubular, as you party hardy this winter break, then take a trip to your mother’s closet and raid it for some iconic pieces – you won’t regret it.

KEEP High Waisted Jeans

Image 3 of MOM FIT JEANS from Zara

KEEP Statement Pieces (Fun Chunky Jewelry, Animal Print)

PENELOPE CAMISOLE - Cropped leopard-print tank top

KEEP Leggings

Mila High-Waisted Pocket Legging - Black (Mesh)

KEEP Mini Skirts 

KEEP Boxy Blazers

AGENCY BLAZER - Single-breasted boyfriend blazer

KEEP Tailored Jumpsuits


KEEP Colour Coordinating Shoes

KEEP Scrunchies

TOSS Neon Spandex

Image result for 80s spandex

TOSS Leg Warmers

Image result for 80s leg warmers

TOSS Side Ponytails

Image result for 80s side ponytail

TOSS Acid-Wash Jeans

Image result for 80s acid wash jeans

TOSS Lace Accessories 

Image result for 80s lace accessories

TOSS Croakies


TOSS Four Finger Rings

Image result for 1980s four finger rings

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