In the understatement of the century, it’s been a very odd couple of weeks. At MUSE, we hope that you’re doing ok. Please read our statement about how we’re moving forward with COVID-19 here.

We’re all looking for something to do to keep us occupied in the coming uncertain weeks. Whether that be a book, an activity, or something else, we’re all looking for something to give us a moment of rest and use as a distraction. Here’s a list of our favourites. Remember to take care of yourselves, wash your hands, and stay inside as much as you can!

Modo Yoga Kingston is doing Instagram Live classes everyday for free. Tune in for some relaxation and a great workout! – 4th Year.

Teach your dog a new trick! – 3rd Year.

My friends and I’ve been playing Psych! almost everyday. It’s like Cards Against Humanity but with questions about you and your friends! You can get it from the App Store and your friends can all play with each other – great way to keep the social in social distancing! – 4th Year.

Learning Italian b/c Harry Styles is learning Italian. – 3rd Year

Puzzles and super long nature walks! I can’t remember the last time I decided to start a puzzle. – 1st Year.

Painting my pets like renaissance people – 4th Year.

Redecorating your entire room! Did this today. Moved around furniture, hung up new art, decluttered my entire space, stole plants from my parents to put in my room. – 2nd Year.

My Favourite Murder podcast with Georgia and Karen. It’s filled with comedy, anecdotal stories, and of course true crime stories that will blow your mind. Believe women, but most importantly stay sexy and don’t get murdered. – 3rd Year.

Baking Bread! Would recommend Focaccia for those who aren’t experienced in baking 🙂 – 2nd Year.

Stuff You Should Know (podcast) is my all time favourite! – 3rd Year.

I am baking! Not only does it help put me in a good mood, it puts a smile on my whole family’s face! – 1st Year.

Listening to new music. – 2nd Year.

The Magnus Archives. – 1st Year.

The new Netflix show Dare Me! I need more people to watch it so that they can also be baffled by the weirdest and most confusing queer representation I’ve ever seen in my life. – 4th Year,

Make nut milk! Oat, almond, cashew… – 2nd Year.

Video Games ( Animal Crossing, Pokemon, Legend of Zelda BOTW). – 3rd Year.

Doing a little spring cleaning. – 1st Year

If you liked Parasite, watch Old Boy by Park Chan-Wook. – 4th Year.

Last Podcast on the Left – hours of content, a good laugh, and incredible research on true crime, occult, and supernatural stuff if ur into that. – 2nd Year.

Learning TikTok dances for fun, facetime friends and cook together (from different places!), bake, watch Tangled the Series on Disney+, learn an instrument, play minecraft or other childhood games (coolmathgames for the win), clean your bed sheets. – 3rd Year

Catan. – 2nd Year.

Sketching and Watercolour Painting. – 4th Year.

Disney +. – 1st Year.

Cody Ko. – 1st Year.

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