This week, we’ve looked into ways to take care of our mental health, critiqued our own ideas about self-care, talked about body positivity, and asked ourselves: do we really want to be Rory Gilmore?

In closing out our Mental Health Week, we asked you: what helps your mental health? What works for you? Everyone’s experiences with their own mental health are their own, but in sharing what works (and what didn’t) for us, it’s our hope that we can get you thinking about how to best take care of yourself.

Sometimes crying is the best solution. Let it all out. – 4th Year

Hugging my dog. – 1st Year

Putting in headphones, listening to a good playlist, and taking a walking by myself to the pier. – 2nd Year

Meditating with Headspace. – 4th Year

Listening to music and talking it through with friends or family. – 2nd Year

A long-ass shower. – 4th Year

Hanging out with a few close friends for comfort and motivation! – 1st Year

Exercise!!!! – 3rd Year

Painting, Talking with Friends, Student Wellness, Journaling, and Resting from work. – 2nd Year

Spending time in the outdoors and nature. – 3rd Year

Watching RuPaul’s Drag Race with my housemates and colouring! – 2nd Year

Listening to music while taking a super long hot/cold shower (but I don’t pay for water with my lease so maybe this won’t work for some 🙁 ). I also just tend to do something chill with friends to get my mind off of whatever it is. Or I call my mom 🙂 – 3rd Year

Cooking! – 4th Year

Yoga. – 3rd Year

Planning, I love rearranging my calendar and writing out to do lists! It helps me take the first step and feel like I’m in control 🙂 – 4th Year

Smoking weed and biting my nails. -4th Year

Sometimes cry it out, run, surround myself with friends, Call my mom, watch funny YouTube videos. – 2nd Year

Eating chocolate, and listening to sad music. – 4th Year

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