queens x bad hook-ups

queens x bad hook-ups

We’ve all been there: the walk of shame, the ghosted texts, the groaning when you have to see the person in public again. Welcome to university: it’s the breeding ground for bad hook-ups.

We asked you to describe your worst hook up in one sentence, and you didn’t disappoint. Give a listen to our podcast here, or wherever you get your podcasts, and check out more of our favourite responses below!

He finished before I started. – 4th Year

Broke my ankle on the way to his place and was on crutches the next morning. – 2nd Year

His dad walked in. Lights on. I was on top. – 4th Year

He asked me to rate his performance afterwards. – 3rd Year

He called it the Brexit positions: he said he’d pull out but he didn’t. – 1st Year

He gave me an ear hickey… – 2nd Year

Picked me up and pinned me against the wall in the club, great kisser but I was wearing a skirt… – 1st Year

Took a guys virginity, then he asked me for my insta so he could ‘show his friends’. – 3rd Year

He said “victory royale” after. – 1st Year

On exchange I hooked up with this French guy, who told me mid-hookup in broken English that he straight up hated Chinese people. – 4th Year

He kept on biting my lip so much that it swelled up like I had an allergic reaction. – 1st Year

His sister walked in. – 3rd Year

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