sidewalks and cracks fill with
every known individual
that has ever passed this corner of
dundas and spadina
en route home
or homeless
overlook the tangerine outline
of dusky clouds and its resistant fade
to an incandescent night
with our hands
we hold
in bind with the teeth of wolves
burrow into every
violet dark space
suspicious light
painted brick
25 minutes down
west queen west
3am cabs to karaoke
we wake to find ourselves
amidst pink plush
green grass
ripped valentines
touch of a sleeve
christie pits
the sky fades to black
and still
it could never mask this new
vibrance of quitters
with full packs of cigarettes
as they dust off the displaced
ash on the window sill
flour mixed with chamomile
sit me down
on every concrete bench
leather bar stool
tell me the things wrong
every character flaw
physical imperfection
of this superficially bound
sold with crowns
ville perdue
Author: Jaclyn Sanscartier

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