I think I understand the notion of love.

It is the one simple thing that all people share but in completely different ways. It is the one act that changes everyone; the one thing that we do for nobody else but that one person. It is where you put a stop to the clustered thoughts inside your head and you focus on that one individual. Your mind becomes so fucking clear that you seem lost.

It’s strange yet pathetically beautiful, the fact that one person can invade your mind and plant themself there for what seems like an eternity. Even stranger is the fact that you are fine with it, you become used to it, comfortable even. The endless moments wrapped up in your own thoughts, your future, your worries, and your faults become simply insignificant as you hear their imperfections. Strangely enough, it is those imperfections that make you see her perfectly.

When you hear their problems, you realize that their worries have become as big a concern as your own, and the understanding that you are not alone brings you comfort. It’s a tragically beautiful thing that we feel better if we suffer with someone else.

Being alone is not enough, and you come to the realization that we feed off of interactions with others and that we literally need each other to survive. Love does some crazy shit to us. It stirs the pot with emotions and feelings that you can neither comprehend nor fully explore. It becomes something you question because it seems too perfect to be real.


And aren’t we all looking for that fairy tale?

Yours Creatively,

Alex Tran, Online Columnist

Image: Karen Rosetzsky

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