OBEY: Comfort

OBEY: Comfort

The Look:


When I first styled this look I considered describing it as “hobo,” but then I realized that label might be offensive to all the homeless people reading this. Alas, I shall put it simply and call it obeying comfort and weather. Kingston has been very generous thus far with warm, sunny days, but we must not forget: winter is coming. Days in K-Town will be mild for a couple more weeks, which means you can still coordinate your outfits with your outerwear before having to cover everything up with a parka. This Free People coat paired with my Obey tank and wooly sock/Roots boot combo is perfect for the slightly declining thermometer. The best part about this particular weather is that you can leave your coats open and don an accessory or two.



Yours creatively,

Emilie Nolan, Head Photographer + The Look Blogger

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Images: Bea Cannings/ Emilie Nolan

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