My Strange Addiction: Shoppers Drug Mart’s Lipstick Aisle

I have recently picked up a bad habit of walking into Shoppers, inadvertently doing my makeup, and then walking out without purchasing any the products I “tested”. There is something so exhilarating about walking through the sliding doors into the wonderful world we Canadians call Shoppers Drug Mart and walking out with a fresh new face.
I realize this habit is not exactly healthy, and maybe illegal(?), but I’d like to think it’s better than being a hoarder or indulging in other vices.

A big reason as to why I don’t actually end up buying most of the products I try is because they tend to be super expensive and I am a student. I also don’t actually know how to apply makeup; my makeup routine consists of applying a little bit of foundation to my acne prone face and onto the bags under my eyes.

After months of this guilty pleasure, the testers I have become fond of exist all in one aisle. The lipstick aisle. Bounties of rose reds and tangerine oranges are fixated in my brain as lipstick has become one of my favourite things to try on, and something I actually may end up splurging on. If you’re going to wear any makeup, it should be lipstick. It’s just so easy; grab a colour, hope it matches the outfit, coat your lips, and out you go.

After trying on several shades of pink, I now constantly have the urge to find a way to incorporate lipstick into my daily routine. It gives you the ability to alter the colour schemes of whatever outfit you’re wearing. On a recent episode of the Kardashian’s, Khloe paired a deep burgundy lipstick with a very basic outfit, but the lipstick made her look far more glam. It added a perfect twist to the understated ensemble. Khloe Kardashian isn’t the only one to experiment with unconventional shades of lipsticks, Kourtney Kardashian wears bright pink lips all the time, and Kim has been seen to wear orange.

By scrounging the lipstick aisle of Shoppers, I can safely say that lipstick is just as much a staple as a key statement piece in a wardrobe. Bright lips add a pop of colour, as well as a pop of adventure to your outfit. It makes you feel more confident, and turn a drab outfit into something spectacular. Whether you are a total tomboy or love being pretty in pink, a brilliant lipstick has the potential to punch up any look you’re planning. If you are still hesitant to take on this look so suddenly, I highly suggest taking a trip to Shoppers, you may just end up with your own episode of Addictions.

Yours Creatively,

Gabby Altman, Fashion Contributor 

Image: Picasa Blogspot

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