Valentines’ Day…how do you feel about it? 

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I’m not a fan of the: chocolate, pink, stress and bad movies that come out on Feb.14 BUT that being said — this playlist is probably my favourite. So far anyways. Probably because love, losing love, loving someone, liking someone, liking pizza or any kind of strong feeling makes some pretty amazing music. So listen to this all week whether you like Valentines’ or not because it’s not about plastic hearts but just great music that everyone can relate to. So no pity parties and no stressing — let’s take the stigma out of Valentines’ Day. 

For the record, I’m spending my Valentines watching JulianTaylorBand and grabbing hot dogs with my favourite person. For once I’m excited about Feb.14th – so let’s do this.

Yours Creatively,

Tiffany Tang, Music Editor    

Graphic: Tiffany Tang

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