On an especially frigid Monday afternoon in the winter of 2014, I found myself sprawled dramatically across my bed low-key crying. Before you judge me, I should add that there was a raging snowstorm, it was -40 degrees outside, and Queen’s had decided that it would be fun to be the only university in Ontario not to cancel classes for the day. Now, if you know me or have ever spoken to me, you’ve heard me re-tell this dramatic “I hate winter” story at least seven times. Your reaction to Kingston winters and its horrific temperatures probably wasn’t as severe as mine, but we’ve all experienced some level of lashing out or feeling down during the six months of winter we get here.

That anecdote was a dramatic segue to this rad ~*tropical | chillwave*~ playlist I have put together for you guys. When explaining the vibe I was going for with this playlist, I used the words, “electronically inspired Beach Boys 80s chillwave.” El oh el. Really, it’s just a mish mash of contagiously happy tropically-inspired songs. I have personally already whipped out my winter coat, and these summery tunes are helping me avoid the incoming winter blues. October may seem like an odd time to release this mix, but think of it as a therapeutic medium at your disposal for when the temperatures hit the negative range. Enjoy!

P.S. How happy are you that I did not add a single Game of Thrones “Winter is coming” reference to this article!?

Yours Creatively,

Alexandra Kopij, Music Editor

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