I think it’s safe to say that we can all agree on week 12 being a very stressful time. Even though there were times when it felt like this semester was dragging on for ages, here we are at the end of it already. Especially with exams fast approaching, the end of the semester slump has been very real, but I think it’s vital for us to take back the time and actually start living it.

While I know most of you are probably stressed about a million things right now, it is also very critical to not let the time pass by without having a little fun. Exam season means no more lectures every single day and chances are you’ll have a few days off before or after your prime study time. It’s time to get motivated, not just for school, but for all the things you’ve been meaning to do, but haven’t because you’ve been busy. This means it’s time to go out, take a study break, and do all those things you’ve wanted to do that doesn’t actually involve schoolwork.

Have you been planning a weekend road trip with your best friends all year? Get on the road and do it. Have you been putting off an application for a really cool internship this summer? Get your portfolio together and do it. Have you been waiting all year to go to karaoke night to show off your best rendition of “Dancing Queen?” Then most definitely, you should do it. While school is very important, it is also necessary to put yourself first and have some fun. Whatever makes you happy, go ahead and indulge a little and worry about the other stuff later, ‘cause right now, it’s all about you.

Maddy Wright
Music Editor

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