After a long four years since the release of her EP True, Solange is back and better than ever with a stunning new statement on black womanhood with her LP, A Seat at The Table. In her third full-length album, Solange creates an intricately crafted piece of art that tackles the harrowing issues present in her personal life and the public sphere.

Leading up to the release of the album, Solange released a roundtable conversation, “A Seat With Us: A Conversation Between Solange Knowles, Mrs. Tina Lawson, & Judnick Maynard,” which chronicles the process, inspiration, and creation surrounding the album. The conversation discusses the central inspiration behind A Seat at The Table, which forefronts the issues surrounding being black and a woman. She is using her music to reflect on her personal experiences, but also as a platform to highlight the severe racial injustices that are currently happening at a prolific level.

Maynard describes A Seat at The Table as being “an album for Black women made by one Black woman,” which perfectly describes the essence of Solange’s process as she creates a movement evoking peace. The album isn’t just meant to be an outlet of aggression, but rather a celebration as a whole, meant to empower and enlighten those listening.

“When I was making this record, so much of it was about telling our story, healing, and having a time to express our anger, but so much of it was about the feeling of empowerment and Black empowerment”

Continuing her reign as the world’s Queen of pop soul-funk music, Solange does not disappoint with encapsulating, melodic tracks such as “Cranes in the Sky” and “Weary.” The two standout songs work to exemplify her inner sorrows as she questions the ways in which the world is acting. “Be weary of the ways of the world,” she sings as she discusses her struggle with the convictions of our society that shaped her pain.

The instruments are soulful and groovy, but her vocals are delicate, creating a harmonious dichotomy between the aggression and peace inspirations behind the album. Despite the heavy context of A Seat at the Table, there is a strong motif of tranquility present throughout.

The album has only been out for two weeks, however it already holds the reputation of being one of the most culturally and politically significant pieces of art created. By chronicling the struggles faced by black women, she forces listeners to confront the issues being presented. She is using her platform as a way to create a discussion, but to also address those who have hurt her so prominently. The most significant part of A Seat at The Table, however, is that despite the difficulty she has faced, she is still aware of how truly inspiring and incredible she truly is. As she states in her interlude, “I Got So Much Magic, You Can Have It.”

Maddy Wright
Music Editor

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