As I lay in bed writing this, I can’t help but think about all of the things I have yet to accomplish for this week, sitting in the back of my mind, creating a cloud of dread continuously lurking over me. For many of you, this is probably a familiar feeling, with the pressure of midterms taking its toll. It’s as if every time you complete a round of essays or exams, another set is eagerly awaiting you, creating a never-ending loop of stress. On top of all this, the temperature is staring to drop, silently reminding us that school is only going to get harder from here.

Whether you have yet to start exams, you are completely finished, or sit somewhere in between, the good news is that MUSE is here for you. I present to you a curated playlist that is sure to tackle your midterm blues. No matter how you choose to de-stress, music has always got your back and it’s a perfect way to keep your spirits up during this difficult time. So, take a break from preparing your presentation or planning your thesis and take some time for you. Unplug from all the schoolwork, just lay back and relax, ‘cause you’ve got this.

Maddy Wright
Music Editor

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