Last Friday, I had the pleasure of seeing Kindness live at The Rivoli. For those of you who haven’t frequented The Rivoli, it’s an intimate space, in fact Kindness or Adam Bainbridge (Kindness is his solo project) was just casually hanging out at the bar and everyone was cool enough to just let him do that. Anyways, it was obviously an amazing show, or why would I even write about it? Bainbridge and his entire band were funky, fun, and extremely talented musicians. Anyways, if you haven’t heard of him yet – here’s the lowdown.



Bainbridge is a producer, director, musician, and all around cool kid. Being the recipient of the Eric James Johnson Memorial Fellowship at the Philadelphia Institute for Advance Study – the man knows music. As a musician, he’s one of those guys who is so musical that it’s hard to classify exactly what genre he inhabits but if I had to try it would be a cool blend of electro R&B soul, or maybe neo-soul if I want to be fancy about it. As a producer, he’s produced for the likes of Dev Hynes (no big deal they’re best friends) and Solange Knowles. As artistic as he is musical, if you get the chance to see a show of his – I’d highly suggest it. He released his second album, Otherness in 2014 and it features many favourites like dance queen, Robyn, Dev Hynes and Kelela. With a smooth, distinct sound and a producer’s ear, Kindness is a new favourite.

For Fans Of: Blood Orange, Solange, Prince


Leaving you with a few of my favourites off his albums Otherness (2014) and World, You Need a Change of Mind (2012), jam out and let Kindness impress you. 

Yours Creatively,

Tiffany Tang, Music Editor


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