In case you haven’t heard it, young Jesus rap-messiah Jaden Smith dropped a new mixtape entitled ‘The Cool Tape Volume 2’ which can be streamed via an app called ‘The Jaden Experience.’ Or downloaded here

If you’d like my take on it, it’s pretty fire.

Jaden spits smooth flows over atmospheric instrumentals, which feel like a hazy, LA-set, teenage dream.

He was featured on Childish Gambino’s latest EP, and the Gambino influence is pretty palpable. However, its clear Jaden is being emerged as his own artist touching on romantic interests to the earth’s origins, and indigo children. It doesn’t hurt that the mixtape features heavenly singing from his younger sister Willow

Tracks to note are: ‘Let it Breath’, ‘Symba’, ‘Electric’ and ‘Keep ya Love’

Yours Creatively,

Enoch Ncube, Online Contributor

Photography: Tumblr

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