Well, it’s official— summer is over. We’re at that point in the year where alarms are set for 8:30 am, assignments are beginning to pile up, and grabbing cozy sweaters and boots instead of crop tops and cutoffs are becoming a habit. While the change in seasons can be exciting (‘cause, I mean, who doesn’t REALLY love fall?), I’m still not ready to let go of those warmer days. My mind remains filled with road trips, beaches, and music festivals, and the reality of fall (read: school) has yet to sink in.

While the temperature continues to drop and moods follow suit, I bring you a playlist that will hopefully combat those blues and remind you that having fun is still possible, even during the school year. With a mix of the coolest songs from summer sixteen and an added dose of your favourite feel good tunes, this playlist will remind you of those relaxing times and prepare you to combat the colder weather to come. So, take a break from your schoolwork, enjoy the good vibes, and get ready for taking on the rest of the semester because, let’s be real, it can’t be summer forever.

Maddy Wright
Music Editor

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